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Born and raised in the great state of Texas, Tex is a first-generation Domer and a former student manager. After graduation, he left the cold winters of South Bend behind and returned back to his home state with a computer engineering degree in tow. Missing the daily grind of working football practices and talking football with fellow Irish fans every day, he took to blogging, a path which eventually led him to Her Loyal Sons. Continuously diving into stats and game film, Tex strives to break down every aspect of Fighting Irish football--even though it's determined to kill him.

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  • kyndfan

    How dare you imply that LNIII would be 2nd fiddle to Lynch if he were still here! I pray that Irish Chocolate shows mercy on you and spares your life for such insolence!

    Okla, USC, scUM, MSU, don’t have a better D-lineman than Pudue?! Really?!

    • NDtex

      As I mentioned in the post, I damn near picked William Gholston in this battle. To be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes out and proves me wrong on the stat sheet in comparison to Short.

      However, considering Short has been able to put up the numbers that he has on a pretty pedestrian defensive unit is incredible. Short often draws double teams to contain him, yet he still puts up great numbers.

      As a comparison, as much of a beast that Lynch was last season, he put together 5.5 total sacks which would rank him behind Short. Lynch also had the benefit of playing next to the monster known as Irish Chocolate and had Manti Te’o drawing a lot of attention as well.

      It may seem odd, but trust me, Short is a freakin’ beast. I could only imagine the havoc this guy would cause on a better team.

  • WeAreND

    Last year ND ran all over Purdue at Lafayette. Thank goodness Braxton Cave is back! Our O is better with him in the lineup!

  • http://HerringBoneSports.com HerringBoneSports

    Pretty tough call on the best DL from ND for the upcoming season. I’m in agreeance that I’d tag Nix out of the gate because he simply got better at the season wore on and he was so disruptive in the Blue & Gold game that we’d like to hope it’s the beginning of a season where he’s in the backfield on 1st and 2nd down early and often.

    He may not rack up the sacks that either Lynch or Purdue’s Short can, but like the DE’s on this squad Nix can disrupt passing in other ways.

    Kudos to Tex on obviously doing the work required to make an intelligent argument here. It’d be pretty easy to just look at the rosters of MICH, USC, OU & MSU for the stud over scouring the lower tiered programs on the schedule.

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