Make that 2 for #IrishMob14: Justin Brent is Irish. For now. It’s a verbal.

After a weekend visit to campus with his mother at his side, soon to be junior in high school Justin Brent accepted a scholarship offer from the University of Notre Dame, making him the second verbal commitment to the Class of 2014. According to my secret sources, the 6’3″ Speedway High School WR knew that ND was the place for him while on a campus visit. To Ohio State.

Yes, you read that right. We’ve got a verbal commit from a wide receiver from Speedway High. Nickname challenge over, as far as I am concerned. “Kiel drops back… scanning the field… and fires a laser beam to a WIDE OPEN Justin Brent who left his man in the dust, ladies and gentlemen. That makes another for the Speedster from Speedway!”

Notre Dame didn’t offer Justin until he and his mother had a chance to tour the campus and she was on board.  Academics, the graduation rate and a sense of belonging, all factored in to his decision, according to the reports.

And you probably also picked up that this is the second recruit tOSU has lost recently to ND, although it’s the first in the Class of 2014 and the first in which a registered sex offender did not chase away the recruit.

Welcome to Notre Dame, Justin.

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