Friday Roundup: The “Getting Away from It All” Edition

There are definitely times when I understand why MQ decided to step away from college football blogging. My news feeds and twitter timeline suffered from a continuous bombardment with loads of college football news, but very little of it had to do with the actual game. The Sandusky trial, a shooting in Auburn, claims of academic fraud at North Carolina, realignment, and the complete cluster that is the playoff negotiations all dominated the headlines.

The combination of stomach turning news coupled with the frustrating incompetence of conference big-wigs to make logical decisions has made this Roundup the hardest one to compile to date.

Personally, I see the Roundup as a place in which I can go a bit off-topic or rant (coherent or not), but above all else, present everything in a rather fun and humorous way. Such good times were few and far between this week to say the least and this edition of the Roundup definitely reflects that.

At times like these, it’s great to just get away from it all. Luckily for me, I will actually be able to do so thanks to a wedding out in Vegas; in fact, by the time this is published, I will either be sleeping off a fantastic night of drinking and gambling or I will still be awake, drunk, and on fire at a craps table. Personally, I’m hoping for the later.

Yes, there is some irony that my escape destination is a city built on the foundations of sin, corruption, violence, and organized crime, but I won’t let those minor details get in the way.

The Roundup

Sorry, but your champion is in another castle. The NCAA may want to double-check the shipping address next time.

This is how Big East lawsuits work. Probably.

Win every sports argument ever. Spencer Hall has your guide to success.

Pro Combat isn’t just a uniform–it’s art. And Black Heart Gold Pants just painted the Mona Lisa.

The Notre Dame Bubble: another fine place to get away from it all. Irish bloggers were able to provide some nice refuge in this crazy college football world. One Foot Down redesigned ND’s football jerseys and recapped a big week in Irish athletics. Subway Domer took a look at our rivalry trophies again, bringing Brian Hardin into the mix. Finally, Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish highlights how Notre Dame football still manages to be a bright spot in the college football darkness.

Ensuring this week didn’t completely suck: Louis Nix III. Irish Chocolate is quickly becoming my favorite ND player in the history of ever:

The Beer

This week, I’m going local. For the majority of the HLS readers, heading to DFW and having this beer would fall under the “get away” category. For those that live here, the beer is strong enough to put your mind in another place.

Win/win, folks.

This particular brew is the Velvet Hammer, crafted by the Dallas-based Peticolas Brewing Company. Now, thanks to Google, I am aware of another Velvet Hammer in existance, but I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting yet so I’m sticking with what I know.

The “Velvet” of this ale is the smooth and almost creamy flavor that comes from its caramel malt. While an amber in color, there are some notes that are often found in stouts. It’s a wonderful in-between that is surprisingly refreshing for a darker beer.

The “Hammer” comes in the form of 9% ABV (although the waiter I ordered it from claimed it was over 10%). This “Hammer” might as well be called a ninja because this will sneak up on you in a hurry.

So if you are around any of these places in the DFW area, be sure to grab a pint (and a cab/designated driver).

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  •!/GrantlandX Grantland-X

    For all the negativity in CFB, the Roundup is always here to bring us back up. Well done again, Tex.

  • Brad

    I shop at the same Sam’s. Suddenly, I have a hankering for Honey Buns. Odd…

  • Blog Davie

    Thanks for churching up the beer recommendation after last week’s selection.

  • trey

    So is Sheldon’s new nickname going to be Big Texas or Honey Buns?

  • Bill Meehan

    The Friday Roundup is quickly becoming my favorite part of this site. For both the Beer suggestions, and for the great content.