“Forever Irish” in the Bookstore


If you’re a regular reader, then you know all about the album “Forever Irish” by our friend Ken O’Malley. Ken released the album digitally back in the fall. It’s a collection of songs that combine the tradition of Irish Pub tunes with Notre Dame lore. It’s a great product, and we’ve been helping Ken promote.

And recently, Ken got great news – the product has been reviewed by The Bookstore and is on shelves today! In fact, our very own GrantlandX picked up one of the first copies sold the other day.

So swing by and pick up your copy next time you’re on campus, or you can order from the ND Bookstore web site.

It’s a must-have for ND Tailgaters and Partiers everywhere, and a portion of the profits benefit Kelly Cares and the General Scholarship Fund, so it’s for a good cause as well. All songs are on iTunes and Amazon available for download as well.

If you haven’t sampled it before, check out the YouTube Sampler:

Thanks for your great work, Ken. GO ARSH!

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