Friday Roundup: The “Yes, It’s Really Back” Edition

While we here at HLS have been busy adding new staff and features, we decided to resurrect an old favorite, the Friday Roundup.

Long-time readers know the drill, but for those unaware, every week I will present the big news around college football and suggest a good beer for you to partake in. This season, I’ll be adding a bit of my own flair as I will highlight some games around college football that you should keep an eye on.

Basically, this will end up being like the Pre-Snap Read piece that I came up with last season, except people will actually read this.

The Roundup

Looks like the Friday Roundup isn’t the only thing back from the dead. Arkansas must really want to be the punchline of college football for as long as possible as they have hired John L Smith as head coach for 10 months. Yes, that would be the same coach that caused a Michigan State radio host to lose his damned mind. This is some kind of crazy circle of life in coaching as Petrino replaced Smith at Lousiville not too long ago. I know nothing else to do besides post this:

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! They are going to happen in 2014 one way or another. As far as how exactly it will work is anyone’s guess and I could fill the entire Roundup with links on the issue. Either way, don’t worry about ND’s place at the table, we have Savvy Jack Swarbrick at the table.

Credit to @mquirion, aka MQ, who found a way back into the Roundup.

Completely Irrelevant. The Arizona Cardinals selected WR Michael Floyd 13 overall in the draft and Safety Harrison Smith was selected 29th overall by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the NFL draft last night. This marks the first time since 1994 since multiple ND players were drafted in the first round in which 3 Domers achieved first round status (Bryant Young [7, DT], Aaron Taylor [16, OG], and Jeff Burris [27, FS]). Floyd’s selection made him the highest drafted ND player since 1994 and Smith’s selection made him the first defensive ND player taken in the first round since 1997. Related, ESPN will change their “ND doesn’t have enough talent” pitch to “all of ND’s talent left”.

You will never have a better Domer Den than this. I can only assume this will be the final installment of “Domer Dens” because how in the hell do you top Fr. Ted showing his off while talking about riding in a freaking SR-71 Blackbird?

Southern Cal ends up delivering some unintentional humor. So, the Trojan football team decided to do a Youtube video. There is a bit in which the players walk into lectures in full uniform, sit down, and then walk back out. I’m sure the person that selected the music for this thought they were clever, but as ND fans, it’s really hard not to laugh.

I’m not even sure how you do this. While we are on the subject of academics, Tennessee football really sucks at it.

Even nature hates Michigan. You just can’t make this up.

Giving whole new meaning to “run over by a bus”. Eat your heart out Adam James, these are the hits Texas Tech players can take.

The Beer

Now here is the part where I have some really big shoes to fill. MQ had quite the taste in beer and I know readers of this blog do as well (hell we have an entire forum for it).

Then I open my fridge and realized I had only Coors Light and a Sam Adam’s seasonal brew.

Knowing that wouldn’t fly, I went out to buy a six pack. I wanted something based in Texas to kick this off, so here is what I settled on:

The Texas based Saint Arnold brewery was the first thing that came to mind. Since I never had any of their seasonal beers before, I figured my first Roundup was as good of time as any.

The Weedwacker is based on Saint Arnold’s Lawnmower beer, which is a German-style kolsh with cirtus notes. The twist on the Weedwacker (which I’ve never seen before, but apparently came out last summer) is that it is basically the Lawnmower expect fermented with Bavarian hefeweizen yeast, making it a Bavarian hefeweizen, except…not.

The end result is a very refreshing and light beer, but with more of a clove and spiced taste instead of a citrus flavor. It’s a fantastic twist that is absolutely delicious. This will definitely be finding a spot in my fridge.

I have no idea if this is available outside of Texas in all honesty, but if you can find this, grab some.

So glad the Roundup is back. My beer fridge will no longer be filled with crap!

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  • http://@the_occasion Dave Thomas

    **slow clap**

  • Big Red

    Every time my non-ND friends bring up the “irrelevance” argument, I direct them to any article written about the BCS which describes the decision-makers as “the 11 conference commissioners and Notre Dame’s athletic director.”

    VERY EXCITED about a playoff. Ideally I would like 8 teams with the National Quarters and Semis (doesn’t that sound so awesome?) played at home sites and the final somewhere neutral, but I’m thrilled with any progress toward that goal.

  • Bayou Irish

    Speaking about SEC academics, remember that internet rumor that Florida was cutting their computer engineering program while increasing their athletic department’s budget by the same amount of money they saved by the cut? What? Oh.

  • irishfanatic

    Good stuff Tex. I posted the video of the USC players dropping in on classes in full gear on my Facebook page since a couple of my “friends” on there happen to be Trojan fans. Of course, I commented that this would be completely unacceptable at ND because our players took REAL classes, and graduated from them. Oddly enough, I received no reply. Keep the “Friday Roundup’s” coming!

  • TXIrish2

    Buying some of that beer tonight.