Aaron Lynch’s Mom Would Have Him Stay at ND. Will Justin Tuck Help?

That’s right, Mrs. Lynch, who is very active on Twitter, is re-recruiting her son Aaron to Notre Dame. And is doing so by asking one of the best ND alums in the game today, Justin Tuck, to swing by Zahm and convince him to stick around.


This is fascinating for several reasons.

1. LYNCH LIVES IN ZAHM????!?!??!??! NO FREAKING WONDER HE WANTS OUT! That’s problem #1 folks. Get the boy over to Dillon, and he’s Irish forever. Forever Irish.

2. Social Media, and especially Twitter, is amazing. It allows a mom to reach out directly to an NFL star that will be on campus, and it also allows all of us to watch as it happens.

3. Mrs. Lynch is quite the character, but you have to LOVE her commitment to her son and her passion for trying to help him make the decisions that are best for him in her eyes. Yup, it may be tough for Aaron to see on Twitter. Yep, he may get some heat. But she doesn’t care – she knows ND is best for him and she’s going after it. Gotta love it. You go Mrs. Lynch! And you, Justin Tuck, you go to Zahm my man!

ps – please hold on the mockery of my photo quality – my screen grab wasn’t working for some reason. stupid iphone.

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  • irishfanatic

    Saw this earlier this evening on Twitter, and I’m hoping that he (Tuck) does talk to him. However, in the end, if he simply doesn’t want to be at ND, he won’t be doing us any favors by staying. I sure wish he had a revelation of sorts, and his heart, and the Lord guided him in the right direction, but the odds may be against that happening. I told GrantlandX earlier that even if he were to stay, it may only be for one more year, then he would probably be off to the NFL. He already has the frame, and it would just be some technical skills that would send him over to “the league”. Perhaps.

    • http://ndnation jim g

      A player can’t enter the nfl draft until three years after his high school graduation. Lynch whould have two years remaining what ever he decides.

      • irishfanatic

        I was referring to the year after this one, but it certainly didn’t read that way.

  • http://leanblitzconsulting.com Chad

    Is this even realistic? Assuming the best case scenario for us as fans (Lynch returning) how would that logically work? Has he fully dropped out or could he simply return, like flipping a switch as if nothing happened?

    • The Biscuit

      He is still a student, just not practicing with the team. He can easily stay, assuming he is wanted.

  • tjak

    People, please. I think Alice Lynch is cool and all, but if Aaron Lynch does not want to be Irish, he needs to go. As I said in an earlier post, I ain’t letting this 19/20 year old’s machinations define my mood anymore. Good Luck to you Aaron, but two years of you in, then out, then in and now out is enough. We do not need drama, we need students who will commit to Notre Dame, “what tho the odds”. NC”s will come from young men and coaches who put Notre Dame first.

  • http://laterboy.com flannerite

    I don’t underestimate a tough mom who is looking out for her kid. My mom dropped me off at ND and four years later, came back to pick me up. In between, she expected me to graduate. I love ND and hope Mrs. Lynch and her son come to a meeting of the minds. He may be great at breaking through the O-line, but she has life experience that can’t be ignored. Anyone who is willing to point out that football is not forever in a public medium wants what’s best for her son.

    And please, Zahm Hall?

    • Bones

      Zahm House, actually.

  • Debbie Hallam

    I respect a Mom trying to guide her son based on her opionions. The bottom line is she is too involved and this is more about her than her son. Young adults learn from the decisions that THEY make and usually grow from that experience. The mother seems to be reliving her life through her son instead of letting him live his. He really wanted to stay in Florida from the very beginning and it was the extreme pressure from Mom that had him enroll at Notre Dame. In hindsight this kid would have been better served to follow his heart, not his Mom.

    • http://[email protected] Bill Read

      Debbie: Do you suppose that parents should stop advising thir children because their children have ripened to their teenage years? As one that has raised more kids than you, I can promise you that you do NOT know anything about raising and advising young people. I have kids now in their 50’s. I am still their father. Their lfe decisions are much more mature than as teenagers. In fact, they are now advising their teenagers—and older. I am still their father and, they still ask advice. They know that teenagers, even intelligent ones like you, don’t alwys make mature decisions. Mr. Lynch must know this too!

  • The Biscuit

    I don’t think a parent can be ‘too involved’ especially when a kid is bailing on an ND degree for a girl. How many of you are with your HS sweetheart? Exactly. I might agree with her being too public, but not too involved. Kids need guidance, especially this one.

    • irishfanatic

      Well said Biscuit, and I wholeheartedly agree. As a parent of 21 and 11 year old boys, and my 21 year old would testify to the fact that I’m still guiding him, albeit in more subtle ways sometimes. Being a parent is forever, just like a degree from Notre Dame.

    • The Ref

      There’s the part of the story that really bothers me. WHY he’s leaving ND. It’s not because of the fight in practice, it’s not because he doesn’t like the system or his coaches, or probably even ND as a whole. He’s leaving for a GIRL who he probably wont even be with in 10 years. I really hope this kid gets his head straight.

    • AlGoldenDomer

      Um….if social media is to be trusted (which is the underlying premise of this thread from the beginning) then Aaron is now ENGAGED to this young woman in Florida.

      Of course, ND has married student housing (and a day care if that becomes an issue) and perhaps he isn’t aware of that!

      Joe Montana was (briefly) married while a student and player at Notre Dame. He moved into Fisher Hall section 2A AFTER the separation/divorce.

  • Frank Henninger

    Several of these intelligent and well-intentioned comments come, it seems to me, from NDers who really can’t know the entire truth of what could be a situation more complex than even Aaron and his mother understand it to be. And I might be right.

  • ed murphy

    Aaron, we love you and we are a family we are here to support you and whatever choice you make. Families lean on each other during difficult times we are here for you bro! If you stay we will welcome you back with open arms and if you leave we will wish you the best… that is the ND way!

  • murph

    Just to inform ‘the biscuit’, student life stats show that no dorm at ND has a higher rate of retention than Zahm. That includes Dillon. The men of Zahm are loyal, to the House and to ND.

    • The Biscuit

      thats because it’s the only way Zahm guys would last more than a week. Clearly Aaron was mistakenly marked a Zahm guy, “Murph”

  • Chuck

    He wants to leave. He should go where his heart wants.

  • Noel

    To the lovely ladies of ND, can you convince young Aaron to stay….come on.

    His mother is right on this, a ND degree is a top notch, for life after football.

  • Jeff in Shanghai

    Aaron’s a 20 year old kid who misses his hometown. I can understand his angst. That said, I think the young man is making a massive mistake. He will clearly regret his decision in twenty years.

    Of course, now that I’ve learned he’s leaving the Zahmbies behind, I have an entirely new position. The kid’s clearly lost his marbles. To this day (30 years after the fact), Zahmbies are STILL my best friends. Aaron has truly blown a gasket. Pray for him!

  • DrunkenIrishPoet

    It’s tough being Aaron’s age, but here is what I would tell him:

    1) You made freshman AA honors last year, you are in a high visibility football program and getting a degree that will last forever. As your mom says, football does not last forever and the average life of an NFL player is 4 years. Your ND degree will last forever. You want to trade that degree for some Florida state school degree? Seriously?

    2) You will have to sit out a year (probably) before playing again. You could get lost in the shuffle as most transfers, however talented you may be, often don’t work out. So you play this year, have one more spring practice session, play the following year and then declare for the NFL draft. All the while take summer school and be prepared to graduate in 3 years.

    3) Listen to your Mom, Mom’s usually have far more valuable advice than anyone else around you. And don’t be embarrassed to return, the team will welcome you back as will be the coaches. Lots of players have left and came back in the past (e.g., Mike Miller.)

    4) Finally, the one thing I have learned in my 46 years of life, is that the road less traveled is often the best path. While your buddies at home might be going on and on about playing in Florida, freezing South Bend with its great degree and high profile football program may be the bet place for you, and it’s only 2 more years!

  • irishfanatic

    Well said Biscuit, and I wholeheartedly agree. I’m a parent of 21 and 11 year old boys, and my 21 year old would testify to the fact that I’m still guiding him, albeit in more subtle ways sometimes. Being a parent is forever, just like a degree from Notre Dame.

  • GregHayes

    Here’s an idea Aaron:

    Have your girlfriend/fiance move to South Bend. What’s keeping HER in Florida?

  • Billreef

    Aaron’s mom’s umbical cord just got cut.She doesn’t even know that he is in Tampa already, Tuck is gonna find an empty dorm room. It appears Aaron has a new woman in his life pulling the strings and her name isn’t Alice. Mom’s just mad cause she’s gonna lose her cushy job.

  • John

    Clearly Zahm has corrupted this individual. He most definitely needs to make his way over to Dillon, bigger is better.

  • hoke

    have just worked out how to get past lynch leaving and now you tell me he’s from zahm. must be more to come. who can’t love zahm?

  • Irishddad65

    This is crazy. A youmg man who is clearly not thinking with his brain. Giving up a ND degree for a woman is crazy. There are so many different scenarios in this besides giving up and moving back. I’m sure he is probably home sick, but in 2-3 years when he plays in the NFL and is drafted by the Detroit lions or the Chicago Bears or some other team not in Florida, what is he going to do then? I say stick it out, grow into a man,get your degree,and move on to whatever it is God intended for you to do on this earth. Move your girl up here to live with your mom or whatever you have to do. Good luck in whatever you decide, but do it like a grown up. Question, If he leaves does that mean ND will get another scholarship for his next year or would it have just been wasted? Just wondering.

  • JPH923

    What happens when the love of your life decides to go on tour with the drummer in a rock band ? Can’t happen ? Will never happen ? Stranger things than that have occurred involving 19 yr old women.