Fantasy Camp Time Folks!

Check out who’s on baby! Fantasy Camp rules, check it out!

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Biscuit co-founded HerLoyalSons in partnership with his ND roommate (Dillon Hall baby!), @mquirion, in 2006 and has been ranting about ND Football and everything Notre Dame since. He strongly believes in the mission of ND and its football program. Biscuit expects logic and data in arguments and will absolutely crush you if you come to a debate missing one or the other. He despises everything Michigan, and his favorite pastime is mocking Purdue.

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  • Twibby

    Looks like Robby Toma showed up to fantasy camp.

  • kyndfan

    I would like to take this opportunity to announce the start of the “Send Mike to Camp” fund. Anyone who would like to contribute can send me a message on twitter @KyNDfan to find out how to get the money to me. Yes, I’m shameless.

  • trey

    First and last time a kicker will get top billing…