HLS Pre-Snap Read: What is a Rival?

Apologies for the late release of this week’s edition of the Pre-Snap Read. It’s been quite the crazy week and the normal work that I usually put in to this throughout the week got pushed back.  Forget the excuses though, be sure to hop in our gameday thread today, and let’s get right into the usual news.


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Outside the Bubble

  • Penn State still dominates the headlines, and now the NCAA is ready to get a piece.
  • As if there couldn’t be any more wrinkles in this story, Joe Paterno now has cancer.
  • Mizzou is off to the SEC, but they may want to be led by someone not drunk behind the wheel.
  • It isn’t quite football news, but it needs to be put in this space. Oklahoma State has lost their women’s basketball head and assistant coaches in a plane crash.
  • To no surprise at all, the BCS is considering that they should shake things up. I’m sure an expiring contract in 2014 and a possible BCS nightmare this season have nothing to do with it!
  • As reported by the Ohio State blog, Eleven Warriors, it looks like Urban’s health is fine and he will be replacing the sweater vest.

Put These Games on Your Radar

To be honest, one of the bigger games happened last night as Oklahoma State was upset by Iowa State.  With the BCS now ripe for the biggest nightmare scenario ever, will today’s games hold up?

 #16 Nebraska @ #18 Michigan, 12pm EST, ESPN/ESPN3 – Here are two teams that I still can’t completely put my finger on. Nebraska has an awful QB and a defense that seemingly doesn’t have it together completely. On the other hand, I am firm in believing that Michigan isn’t nearly as good as their ranking. Should be a close game to start the day.

I have nothing in the 3:30pm slot this week. I apologize, all the games completely suck. Focus on ND.

#13 Kansas State @ #23 Texas, 8pm EST, FX – OU/Baylor is also in this time slot, but this matchup is more intriguing, mostly because of the betting line. Texas, despite all of its injuries, is somehow favored in this game by 8 points. To me, K-State is the better team, but if there is one thing I’ve learned is that Vegas always knows something. Toss in Gus Johnson and this may just be a sleeper pick for the night’s best game.

What Is a Rival?

Short answer, not Boston College.

Just because two teams my not like each other, insult each other, and one considers the other its annoying little brother, this doesn’t make the game a rivalry game. You need to build history.

Boston College came on the scene after we’ve established our foes for years and years. Yeah, there are two trophies for this game, but if anything they were created to try and manufacture a “rivalry” to get excited for. In the end, its just another game.

We already have our rivals: Southern Cal and Michigan; however, you can put Michigan in the category of “hated enemy” because there is honesty no respect at all between the two of us. Despite that, there is no down Michigan is still a big game we hate to lose.

BC though, it’s just another game. We want to crush BC if for no other reason than to shut up “little brother” so we don’t have to hear about this supposed rivalry.


NDtex – BC sucks. They suck even worse than usual this year. Analysis over.

ND 58 – BC 14

Poot- ND 45 - BC 13

Remotes Broken By ND Fans Due to Replays of ’93: ~1,000,000

Biscuit: ND 52 – BC 10

Biscuit – 0 hours of sleep

MQ: ND 60 – BC 10

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  • tjak

    Wow you guys were slightly off….were these serious predictions? I am happy with the win however. I feel bad for Jonas; I hope he has a good chance for a pro career.

    • http://www.herloyalsons.com Matt Q. (DMQ)

      We, I think, were hoping for the scenario where BC would roll over and die. Which is laughable, because I was openly advocating for expectations that included BC trying to play spoiler, given they had nothing more to play for thru the res of the season. I don’t know what I was thinking. I darn near sent Tex a prediction of ND winning, 20-10, but I didn’t want to look stupid. Ah well.

    • http://www.ndtex.com NDtex

      I was dead serious. BC is one of the worst teams in the nation. I pretty much put them in the Air Force/Navy/Maryland bucket. Really shocked how close it was.

      And yes, Jonas’ injury is just completely awful. Definition of unfair.