“Forever Irish” Tailgating Album Released!

Our friend Ken O’Malley’s new album of Fighting Irish Tailgating Tunes, entitled “Forever Irish”, has arrived! It’s a pretty awesome addition to the ND catalog of songs – perfect for a tailgate, gamewatch, party, or wherever/whenever you feel like listening to some ND Football and Celtic/Irish-inspired tunes.

These aren’t meant to be new ‘anthems’ for ND, or a replacement for the classic tunes of yore. Rather, it’s a pretty laid back album designed to make for good tailgating music – the artist isn’t really taking himself too seriously here, so please don’t either. It’s just a fun product designed to fill a hole for Irish fans – Irish Tailgating Music Sweetness.

There are a few key ways to learn more about the album. The first is the YouTube Montage/Sampler:

You can also check it out on iTunes, or on Amazon, and we have a nice little home for it right here on HLS.

We should also have the player featured here on the home page shortly as well, so you can fire up some Irish inspiration whenever you visit HLS.

The album features 8 songs, including:

1. Irish in the Yard – set to the tune of “Whiskey in the Jar”, the Irish classic, this song epitomizes Irish music and Irish football at the same time. “We are the Blue and Gold, there’s Irish in the Yard”
2. Forever Irish – the title track, it’s a great song about Notre Dame and the special role the school has in fans’ lives. “We never will forget Her, Notre Dame our Home.”
3. Tailgating Irish – just what it says it is, a song about drinking, food, and tossing the football in the lot prior to a game. “It’s Saturday Morning and there’s work to do, kickoff’s in 6 hours let’s tie one on (or two!)”
4. The Horsemen Ride Again – a song about the legends of old, and new Irish legends in the making. “Outlined against a Blue-Gray Sky, the Horsemen Ride again. Yes Grantland sees the Irish shine, the time has come to win. In the Polo Grounds the spirits stir and you’ll feel a shiver when, the Horsemen Herd comes thundering by, and the Irish rise again”
5. Raise a Glass – classic Irish drinking tune dedicated to the boys in Blue and Gold. “The Fighting Irish in our blood we will prevail!”
6. We Are Her Loyal Sons – you guys first heard this one a few months back. Good one to fire up before a game. “We. Are. Her Loyal Sons. We’ll get ’em on the run boys, let’s get ’em on the run.”
7. Make Way for the Irish Guard – A march-like anthem for the legendary Irish Guard. “Make way for the Irish Guard, the Grand Ole Irish Guard.”
8. Play Like a Champion Today (I Will) – Amazingly simple yet catchy tune about the classic ND sign/saying. “We recruit in every Parish, cuz we’re the Fighting Irish and we’ll turn them into heroes by and by.”

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  • Titus

    Why the deuce didn’t they release the other tunes earlier? The comical re-writes of traditional Irish ditties are a lot more fun than the rock anthem that got floated around before.

    • http://www.herloyalsons.com The Biscuit

      From what I understand, the first tune was the first tune done, and the others weren’t finished til now. All personal taste I guess – I like We Are Her Loyal Sons, though maybe I am biased because it’s our web site name.

  • kyndfan

    My 4 year old loves “we are her loyal sons” he recognized the intro to it when I played the video above. Yes, I called it corny when you first linked to it, but it has grown on me.
    Probably gonna buy the album

    • http://www.herloyalsons.com The Biscuit

      heh, nice. i wouldn’t refute corny – it’s not an ‘earnest’ album, outside of “Forever Irish”. it’s just good ole fun sing-a-long drankin’ songs. apparently your 4 year old likes to sing a long…does he like to drank?

  • kyndfan

    Just juice at this point, but if he takes after me he’ll start that up sometime during highschool.

  • Irish007

    So how much did you pay them to write “We Are Her Loyal Sons?”

    • http://www.ndtex.com NDtex

      All of my HLS salary.

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  • GeeeeAgggg

    Loved it – especially Forever Irish and the Four Horsemen! Buying it today!