Friday Roundup: The TGI-Fing-F Edition

What a week.

What a month.

What a winter.

The Roundup

And between now and March 22nd, Coach Kelly will spend hours watching Star Trek so he may perfect Mind Melding Coach Kelly will be speaking at the Notre Dame Coaching Clinic. Now, before you get all herpy-derpy on me with this announcement, please note it’s not “Coach Kelly who likes to run a really, really fast offense.” It’s Coach Kelly who likes to run a really, really, really, really, really fast offense and attended the last BCS Championship game on the sidelines.”

You’re in Good Hands with the NCAA If your name is Andrew Luck and you passed up the chance at millions at sitting around during a lockout. $5 million bucks? In California that’ll get ya a trailer and a double-double, right?

The 9/10ths Million Dollar Man It’s gotta be the eyebrows, right? Or is it like in the movies, and some people just get paid because they’re willing to do things in the dark and in the dirt that normal, good people wouldn’t do? Either way, Greg Mattison could make up to $900K a year in Ann Arbor. I’m not normally one to get all high-and-mighty about the economics of CFB – Market Forces FTW, Baby! – but seriously? That gets you like 18 high school teachers in Detroit, right? 18 really, really good high school teachers. Jeebus.

You keep saying “no,” baby, but I’ll just keep coming back. It’s awful, and well documented, when kids are victims of over-recruiting strategies that ultimately involve a college football coach telling a kid that their team no longer has room for them on the roster, 1 day before signing day. But what I think is really twisted is this kid is now pinning his hopes on qualifying for and playing on the very same team that “just shoved him away.

I, for one, have never not given a flying-F this much in a single moment Steve Spurrier, your recruiting and roster engineering tactics may make the minions of Satan jealous with inspiration, but your unqualified and unwarranted self confidence leaves me in awe. And look at you living the high life!

Take my football, please! I’d have probably linked this story if all it included was “holy crap, Screech was both in South Bend and not dead.” But wait, there’s more! And it’s far more significant: Watch for Jonas Gray to appear at your local Laugh Factory any day now!

Okay, that’s not how I use the term, “Waist Bender.” writes up a little primer, or, as I like to call it, a “NFL-Combine-Terminology-Explainifier.

The Beer

The first beer of Spring! Yeah, it’s not Spring, but last week, for a time, it was 75 degrees, which meant I had to hit up my local purveyor of beer asap for something outside of the “dark and caramel” range. And what did I stumble upon but this winner of a little experiment in brewing by Great Divide: Belgica.


Described as a “Belgian Style IPA,” Belgica manages to take the best of an IPA and make you think of a weiss beer. Heck, by the third bottle, I decided to drop a slice of lemon in it and see where it went. Pro-tip: Don’t do that. It destroys the illusions. Just poor this sucker into something wide-mouthed and let it breath a few minutes and enjoy.

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  • E-Man

    Screech just had his home in Wisconsin foreclosed upon a couple of months ago I think. Out of people who have media attention outside their actual contributions, Screech has to be in Kardashian territory now, right?

    This is Mattison’s second stint in Ann Arbor too, right? Must have thought they were in a bidding war with someone (NFL?). It’ll be interesting to see if D-Line recruits start switching from ND to Michigan now, considering what happened when he was at Florida

  • trey

    Belgian IPA…doesn’t sound right to me. Silky buttery-ness of Belgian Ale with crisp hoppiness of IPA. Pass

    • domer_mq

      That’s why I picked it up. It sounded so conflicted. It’s really more like serendipity.

      • DeepTeaKup

        Why has Old Style never been beer of the week?

        • Erik ’04

          The 30-packs cost like 10 bucks and sometimes come with a free coozie.

          • Erik ’04

            Although that would not answer your question. :)

        • trey


  • Brad


    That could also get you….like..7 tollbooth operators in Massachusetts.

    • E-Man

      8.75 Teachers in Wisconsin


        You could operate HLS for 2 years on that money.

        • The Biscuit

          Where the hell’s that cash going? Lord knows I ain’t seeing a penny!

      • TLNDMA

        5 Cam Newtons

        • The Biscuit

          Along with 5 NCAA investigations to go with each Cam.

  • Ska

    Never had Belgica. From the description at Great Divide, it could be a flavorful variation of regular IPA. The hops could well cover up the malty “buttery-ness” No IBU or types of hops listed but does mention “big notes of citrus and spice”.
    Yea, Mattison will be a pain the arse for ND. He apparently was telling some pretty big whoppers about ND when at UF.
    Coaching remuneration has for some time become way out of line. Everyone is being asked to do more with less except Wall Street and some college coaching staffs. Michigan taxpayers should be pissed, even though his salary probably is from wealthy benefactors.

  • The Biscuit

    He’s alive! HE’S ALIVE!!!!!

    Nice to see you here at the home base DMQ.

  • Ska

    Why not Pearl. That is a real Texas BEER!

  • ShamRockNRoll

    I recommend Stone Brewing Co’s Cali-Belgique IPA. It’s a blend of a West Coast IPA (which Stone excels at) and a flowerly Belgian ale. Probably very similar to this beer you mentioned, though I’m not sure who came up with the idea first. I know Stone has had theirs for a few years now.