HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They Wanted US to Join THAT?????

The Big Tweleven announced their new logo and divisions today.

And, Good Lord, it’s terrible.


I don’t know which is worse, the logo or the division names. Let’s start with the Logo:

First, there’s the math. Twelve teams, and retaining the name Big 10. It makes SO MUCH SENSE it’s just amazing. 10 = 12. Right. And RichRod is a class act, stand-up guy!

Alternatives that would have made as much or more sense include:

– Little 14
– Or, even better: Widdle 14
– Mid-tier to Poor Grad Rate Schools Claiming Academic Superiority
– Big Tweleven (my personal favorite)
– Large Number That May or May Not Change in a Few Years

Second, the oh-so-subtle inclusion of the 10 in the word Big, followed up by the word Ten. Wow, that’s just so cool, modern and kinda-tricky! The G is really a Zero. The Zero is Really a G! G = 0. 0 = G! I am very impressed, really, very!

So now is it the Big 1,010? Or the Big 10-10? Big Ten-Ten? WTF????????

Finally, the design firm they hired. Pentagram. Pentagram!!!!! How appropriate! The conference that has repeatedly attempted to ruin Notre Dame hires a design firm with Pentagram (THE SYMBOL OF SATAN!!!!!) as it’s name. Classic.

Then, the Division names. Rather than East or West, or A and B or even a very-lame 1 and 2, they go with LEGENDS and LEADERS?????

First, that is just weird. No one does this. No one.

Second, how bad does it suck to be in the Leaders division? I mean, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, IU, U of I and Purdue have to be PISSED! Because really, how does a Leader stack up against a Legend? A leader is a short-term thing. Yeah, sure, it’s nice to be a Leader (capital L!!!!), but it’s nothing compared to a Legend.

Second, they want us to believe that Iowa, Michigan (sucks), MSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, and NW are LEGENDS? Yep, yep, all those dudes from Iowa and Minnesota and Northwestern that are LEGENDARY!!!

And the hubris! Look at us, over here, we are LEGENDS!!!!! (take that you lame Leaders, and even better: suck it everyone who is neither Legend NOR Leader!!!! We are the LEGENDS!)

What is going on here? This is so freaking lame I have no ability to mock it as much as it needs mocking.

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  • BurbankSteve

    Pentagram: There has to be something in Revelations about this “The Beast has a number, and it is Tweleven – no wait, 1G or 101G, no wait – 1010 – oh never mind – 6 and 6, no, ummm 6vs6 – that’s not catchy – forget it – oh! 6 and Freaking 6! F is 6 in the alphabet! I got it! “The Beast Conference has a number, and it is 6-6-6″!!! Our invoice is in the mail. Thanks.

  • http://rut4nd TLNDMA

    B-man you might have some thing there with div. 1 & 2. 1BIGTEN2

  • Ska

    High School art students can do a better logo than this new big ten=twelve design. Worse yet, the conference paid for this embarrassing logo. All this from a self-proclaimed multi-disciplinary design firm. Get your money back, start over, big 10=12!
    Keep up the great Mocking, Biscuit, although after looking at this logo its hard to say much, other than a sad head shake.
    Thought this had to be a spoof a la “Onion” until reading real press releases.
    The big 10+? is thinking of starting its own hockey conference and ND allegedly is on the list of invitees. Good God Almighty, what will that logo look like?
    Keep your distance ND.

  • Brad

    I didn’t think anyone could have more irrelevantly named divisions than the ACC’s Coastal and Atlantic Divisions. NO ONE knows which teams are in which divisions.

    I was wrong.

  • Lucille

    this post needs more !’s and letters in caps

    • NWohioND

      I must agree with Lucille…this post was lacking some ALL LETTERS IN CAPS!!! But those should be reserved for special circumstances…however, with poodle pete and Urb liar now both gone…it’s hard these days to find those instances I’m sure…but we have Kiffin and Harbaugh (at Stanford or Michigan (sucks))…

      Either way…the big WTF ever is completely laughable…what a joke…

      • TBoneND

        You better hope he stays at Stanford, and rr stays at uM(sucks). Harbaugh would do grat things with the skunkbears.

    • The Biscuit

      I thought my multiple question marks and WTF’s would have covered it. My bad. I will be back on my game next time I FREAKING PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • NWohioND

        I watched a little of the “release” on the Big WTF ever network…Delaney and the dude that used to be on ESPN…comical…their “lead in” to the name of the conferences was so sad…”legendary”…”leadership”…what a sad bunch of people…who the hell came up with those and whoever approved it…sad

      • Ska

        u not bad. u did good.

  • Nate

    They should have divided into the “BIG” division and the “TEN” division. They could put tOSU and Nebraska in the “BIG” division, and put the rest of the teams in the “TEN” division. It would not only be somewhat mathematically correct, but accurate as to which the actual important programs are.

    • Thew


  • ND Geek

    Don’t forget the REJECTED division names!


  • Ska

    How about dividing the Conference along ag and non-ag schools? The big whatever has some excellent ag schools and the students are very proud that attend those schools, as they should be. Naturally the ones that do not attend an ag school think they are cooler because class work does not require stepping in Moo Doo. Too many contradictions/falsehoods in the Legends/Leaders divisions.

    The new big whatever logo would look like this:

    Moo School BIG 10 Cool School
    MSU Whatever Michigan
    Purdue Northwestern
    etc. etc.

    • Ska

      The logo did not come out the way in looked on screen.
      Big 10
      Moo School = MSU, Purdue, etc.
      Cool School = Michigan, Northwestern, etc.

  • Pat

    The logo is bad — actually a step down from their previous one with the hidden “11.” I’m fine with the conference still being called the Big Ten though. It would get too confusing if the number was always changing; we all know the Big Ten schools are throughout the Midwest.

    As for the division names: How long before they have corporate sponsors? Would that have been too obvious right off the bat?

    • The Biscuit

      I would think they could be creative enough to come up with a solution that removes the numbers altogether. That way when they go to 14 it wouldn’t have an impact…

      • shoutboxx

        Totally agree with Biscuit here. The whole numbers thing with conference is a bad idea these days. I know “Big Ten” is a brand name, but its getting ridiculous.

        • Pat

          My point is that it simply might not much matter in the case of the Big Ten. Like you say, it’s a brand name. For instance, NPR used to stand for National Public Radio — now it stands for nothing; it’s just NPR. But the effects are minimal. Besides, what are the alternatives? Big Midwest? Fly-over Country Conference? Ohio State Wins Again, the Conference? Those don’t exactly roll of the tongue.

          • shoutboxx

            How about the “Legends and Leaders” conference? It’d be so much less lame than . . . no, wait . . . .

  • Hugh

    The ego of Delaney in naming these divisions is not remotely surprising. He truly believes these schools exist to serve him. I am glad they went with this laughingstock albatross of a logo/division name combination. They will be rightfully mocked for years.

  • JH

    I hope when they add new teams and split into three divisions, they will continue the theme and name the new one the “Lepers” division. It will be a place for Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, etc.

  • tjak

    Delaney you are a douche bag.

  • Erik ’04

    If they’re going to hide a number in the logo, they could have at least made it a 12 instead of repeating 10 twice in the name. Wow. So glad we didn’t climb aboard that train wreck.

    The divisions are somewhat surprising, though. I know they didn’t want Michigan and OSU in the same division, despite having to break the tradition of playing every year (and just figuring they’d be the two division champs anyway once Michigan fires dickrod and gets a competent program once more). Plus, Michigan and MSU keep their rivalry. However, Wisconsin is removed from BOTH of their big rivals, Minnesota and Iowa.

  • Ska

    Great take on B10=12 logo. Delany Code in Chi Trib.


  • DagerOne

    Listening to Jack and Zack this morning (Indy-based sports radio show) they pointed out the nifty possibility that the B1G could easily be changed to B16 should they eventually go to sixteen teams.

    I personally thought they should name the two divisions “Guns” and “Roses”. :)

    • Ska

      Roses is easy to understand.=Rose Bowl. Guns=urban liar AK47.

  • Nate

    “Corn” division vs. “Soybeans” division would have worked too.

  • DJ

    Eh. The logo is neither great nor horrible (the real problem is that a twelve-school league ought not to be called “Big Ten”).

    I suspect the logo you’ll see on the schools’ uniforms will be the black “B” with the blue “1G”, as it’s a bit sleeker.

    Could you imagine renaming the divisions in other leagues:

    SEC — “Liars” and “Cheaters.”
    PAC 12 — “Birkenstocks” and “Bikinis.”

  • http://www.fillio.com c-stone

    I can be a bit more efficient in summarizing the Legends n’ Leaders:

    so gay.

    Other suggestions:
    Yin & Yang
    Flim & Flam
    Truth & Consequences
    Frick & Frack
    Tough & Tougher
    Mike & Ike
    Peanut Butter & Chocolate

    • shoutboxx

      Ok, I actually kind of like Peanut Butter & Chocolate, but more as an overall conference name. Then they could name one division “Reese’s” and the other “Pieces”, and do a nifty corporate tie-in . . . it all makes so much sense in my head . . . .

  • GB

    Off topic.
    SI{ issued their All America list. Rudolph was not among the top 6 TEs. Amazing. Ruffer was 1 Kicker. Teo was on #2 team.

    • DJ

      Not so amazing when you factor in Rudolph’s missing half the season with his injury. He almost certainly would have made the team had he stayed healthy.

  • Brad

    I’m glad University of Minnesota (my home state) made it into the legends category. I thought everyone forgot we won 3 national championships back in the day. As for the logo, it confused me. I wasn’t sure if the G was supposed to be a 6, at first I thought the big ten expanded to 16 teams. Then I realized the G is supposed to be a sero… but then I counted the teams and got 12, so where is the hidden number 2? The old logo was better. It was kinda tricky, this one is just confusing.

  • martini ’90

    Corn and Rust?????

  • NWohioND


    Well…maybe there’s hope yet…

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