Photoshop Contest: You Cue the Card!

Among all the hubbub over the big win last weekend was the revelation that ND is now using the same sort of cue cards to help the offense manage a game in the way the Oregon Ducks have for a few seasons. If you’re not clear as to what I’m talking about, check out House Rock Built for a primer.

We’ve been meaning to have a photoshop contest all season, but only now do we feel the program is infused with just the right amount of hope and satire to actually do one. Plus we needed some idea for exactly what to photoshop, so thanks, opponents, for stealing our hand signals and necessitating the signs!

So give us your best photoshopped (or MS Painted) play-calling cue cards! Send them to our e-mail address ([email protected]) with the subject “Cue Card Contest.” Get them in by 12am ET November 25th!

As part of your submission, please include an image file of your submission, plus a brief explanation of what your Cue Card would tell the Notre Dame offense.




The Rules
  • All entries are due by 12am ET November 25th.
  • If you try to copy someone’s work and claim it for your own, we will know, and we will end you.
  • After the deadline, we (Biscuit, myself, and maybe even Fr. B if we can find him), will narrow the pool down to the top 3. After that, we’ll hold a vote among HLS readers to select the winner.
  • If you send us a submission, expect it to be displayed on It will be displayed on By sending us a submission, you grant any and all rights to the material in the submission.
  • Mostly, submissions will be judged based on execution of the best fundamentals of humor while appreciating key wit concepts. But once it’s up to a vote, lord only knows what will really win. Bonus points for a real aptitude in cleverness.
  • Keep it CLEAN. If we deem the image offensive, we wont include it in the contest.
  • You may make as many submissions as you wish, but we’ll restrict each participant to a maximum of 1 entry in the final round of 3.
  • Please, if you can, make the image 400px by 400px. It’ll save us time, and win you affection.
The Prize

As winner of the Fan Photoshopping of Cue Cards Contest, you will have your pick over a copy of “The Gipper” by Jack Cavanaugh (hardback) or “Resurrection” by Jim Dent (tradeback). You’ll also receive the special rights and privileges of all winners of contest winners (still entirely TBD). But most of all, you’ll know that you, sir or madam are a winner!

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  • Nate

    Okay, I got this one:

    Al Pacino was Michael Corleone, who killed off Fredo, so we must be playing BC.

    The British Tank is called a “Challenger”.

    Lions live in groups called Prides.

    I’m no expert on burgers, but that looks to be a triple whopper?

    So, to put it all together:

    BC’s challenging your pride–lay a triple whopper of a tackle on them!