Irish Blogger Gathering: “Spring Football: De Omnibus Dubitandum”

Subway Domer was kind enough to suggest that we host the Irish Blogger Gathering for the end of Sping Ball. I dunno, maybe he understands that we’re really into endings.

Normally we post the questions and our own answers straight away, but since spring is the time for tinkering, we’re going to tinker with that format a bit and see if things go better when we post our answers a couple of days later. We’ll also be individually linking to each set of participants’ answers in individual posts (and our HAND CRAFTED SELECTION OF NEWS LINKS IN THE SIDEBAR), so participating bloggers, be sure to let us know when you’ve got answers. And readers, please feel free to participate in the comments of this post.

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Let’s get right to it:

1) Given the stat-lines of Brian Kelly’s first Blue and Gold Sprint Spring Game, it seems obvious to me that the media will be shark-feeding from now until the first game of the 2010 season over our new-found “quarterback controversy.” I mean, didjya see MONTANA SON of MONTANA throw those TD PASSES!? HE LOOKED JUST LIKE MONTANA! So let’s all do the responsible thing as “Notre Dame Blogs: Protectors of the Realm” and come to full agreeance about this so-called controversy and put it to rest right now: Nate Montana should be the starter, right?

2) One of the over-arching themes of the 2010 Spring session of Notre Dame football was that Brian Kelly has been spending a lot of time trying to change the overall attitude of the Notre Dame team. To quote Kelly, “What I want them talking about is, ‘It’s me that gets that first national championship,’ not ‘I want to be the No. 1 draft pick.’ That’s what we’re reshaping.” Do you think that unexpectedly long wait-time this weekend for Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen to receive that magical phone call from some NFL team will go noticed by any of the Irish footballers who, until this weekend, weren’t getting the message from Kelly? Was there anything this spring that you noticed that made you think that most of the team was already on board the Good Ship Greater Good and that the transformation in that regard was complete?

3) A fair number of players made a pretty good splash in Spring Ball and in the Blue & Gold Game. Name one you didn’t notice belly flopping into the big pool of opportunity and explain why that disappoints you. Or, if you really want to be creative, explain why you’re glad that particular player didn’t win any belly flop competitions.

4) Pick one quotation from Spring Ball sourced by an Irish coach and parse the living hell out of it.

5) Select one stat from the 2009 season that either troubled you greatly or made you brag to all your coworkers who cheered for teams with sucky comparable stats, and explain why that particular stat will be vastly improved or ruined in 2010 based on what you’ve seen in the spring.

6) Bonus: Stick figures, collage, stolen work, hotlinked photo, professionally edited photoshopping, whatever… give us a visual that best represents everything you’ve seen from spring college football, Irish and/or otherwise, in 2010.


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    Question #4: Brian Kelly in Press Conf. after BG game, “We have three good running backs.” My guess is the odd man out is Robert Hughes.
    Weis told Hughes last year he needed to figure out his playing style and adapt his body to it. Now he looks bigger than ever, but he still tries to make people miss instead of running over them.

  • SDI

    #1 Good for Montana. But any scrimmage where the QB can’t get hit and can’t be blitzed is pretty much useless in gauging overall QB ability.

    #3 Brian Smith and Darius Fleming were very quiet yesterday. I’m not necessarily concerned, but found that interesting. I think Fleming is primed for a great year.

  • Chris Nugent

    They better get their shit together. They’ve been playing like ass.

  • The Subway Domer
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  • Erik ’04

    #1) No way. Let’s give Dayne Christ the ability to run some QB keepers before annointing the Son of Montana the next great QB.

    #3) Where was Michael Floyd on Saturday?

  • Erik ’04

    #2) What they hopefully learned is that winning trumps talent. Jimmy has all the tools…but a 16-21 record over 3 years. See Tebow, Tim for more info (may have to look under Messiah, The Living).

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