Because at Florida, That’s What You Have To Explain to 18-22 Year Old Men

If you’ve ever taken a knee after a football practice as you and your teammates encircle the head coach, you know there’s a pretty typical pattern to the speech the head coach gives post-practice. Usually it sums up what the head coach thinks of the effort given by the team on that day, some thoughts on preparation for the next game or the upcoming season, and then some words of wisdom about “winning every day” or whatever.

At Florida, however, there’s a little extra thrown in, apparently…

“No stealing, no drugs, no weapons!” Meyer barked at his players. “There’s a good decision and a bad decision. Make that good decision!”

Kudos to you, Coach Meyer. You’ve clearly identified an issue with the young men on your team – men you recruited – and are seeking to fix that issue.


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  • The Biscuit


    reminder to all HLS readers: No felonies today guys! Let’s keep it clean!

  • David

    I wonder if they then got frisked before they put on their orange jumpsuits? I seriously wonder what some of the guys, who had been in trouble, thought after that.

  • The Biscuit

    Best part of the speech…

    “We have a drug policy here!” Meyer said. “You smoke marijuana, you won’t play football!” he left off: …for an ENTIRE HALF against a CAKEWALK OPPONENT!

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