• GeorgiaDomer

    My thoughts exactly. Also, I laughed out loud when I saw this posting. Thanks for that.

  • Jordan

    Yeah… Look at ESPN now a few days after.. ND is mentioned maybe a few times… ND is irrelevant but they have such great potential that they could become relevant which makes it such a great story. But notice how Bowden and Tiger easily are the bigger stories now. Bowden might go to the Gator just because he is Bowden, all I know is ND can’t buy there way into a better bowl. You fans are jokes.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    Um, so, Jordan, you felt the burning need to come over here and let us know ND is irrelevant?


  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    yeah guys, check out Google News right now. there’s not a single story on H1N1. must be irrelevant.

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