Newsflash: ND Anything But Irrelevant

Who was it at ESPN that said Notre Dame is irrelevant? Whatever outlet, or whatever blog, or whatever source that says ND is irrelevant?

Um, yep, totally irrelevant:


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  • GeorgiaDomer

    My thoughts exactly. Also, I laughed out loud when I saw this posting. Thanks for that.

  • Jordan

    Yeah… Look at ESPN now a few days after.. ND is mentioned maybe a few times… ND is irrelevant but they have such great potential that they could become relevant which makes it such a great story. But notice how Bowden and Tiger easily are the bigger stories now. Bowden might go to the Gator just because he is Bowden, all I know is ND can’t buy there way into a better bowl. You fans are jokes.


    Um, so, Jordan, you felt the burning need to come over here and let us know ND is irrelevant?


  • The Biscuit

    yeah guys, check out Google News right now. there’s not a single story on H1N1. must be irrelevant.

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