Horrible, but please STFU about Meyer.

Look. That sucked. 0 for 90 in the red zone and a bajillion running yards is terrible. Losing to Navy twice, at home, is horrid.

But anyone, ANYONE that wants Urban Meyer as coach at Notre Dame is NOT a Notre Dame man, or a Notre Dame woman. FACT.

Anyone that wants him here, for any reason whatsoever, PLEASE, email us and let’s debate it. I’ll give you the platform to tell me why it’s a good idea. I’ll give you a fair shot at explaining your reasoning. I’ll give you thousands of readers. SERIOUSLY. Happy to do it. And then I will crush you in the debate. Because there is not a COACH IN THE WORLD worse for ND than Urban Meyer. NOT ONE. Not Weis. Not anyone.

I’m not defending Weis here, I’m just saying STOP with the Meyer nonsense. The guy is a 100% scumbag that has no scruples and could give a shite about his players carrying AK-47s and trying to blind people. I know ND winning is important. But not at the expense of who and what we are/should be. Notre Dame. Can someone please remember this?

So please, just stop with the Urban garbage. Call for anyone else. Call for Weis’ head. But no more Urban. It makes you look like a rudderless Grade-A d-bag when you hope a guy like that would come to ND.

Moral compass? Eh, winning is more important.

Figure yourselves out NDNation. Don’t be satisfied with tonight, ever. But don’t hope for a guy like that. Ever.

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  • JD

    What are you talking about? AK-47s? Why is Meyer such a terrible person?

  • http://GoMids.com Adam

    Look, I know ND should expect more, but can anyone give Navy any credit outside of the “oh man those kids play hard” cliches? Considering two of the team’s losses came to what will be Top 15 teams at least (Pitt and OSU) and the other in the final moments against the best team in the MAC, and I’d say the Mids are actually a decent team. Shocking, I know.

  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    JD. Please do some reading. Just google AK-47 and Meyer. Seriously. Meyer had a player, a starter, named Ronnie Wilson. Wilson pulled out an AK-47 from his trunk on a Saturday night out, after leaving a club. A fight had started, and that was his player’s solution. Wilson pulled out an AK-FREAKING-47 and fired it. He didn’t kill anyone, shockingly, but he was back on the team the next season. MEYER LET A DUDE WITH A RAP LIKE THAT BACK ON THE TEAM the next season. If you think that’s the kind of coach that’s good for ND, then I 100% know you have no clue what ND is all about.

    On top of that, UF has had 24 arrests since Urban took over. TWENTY-FOUR! And not for under-age drinking and making noise at night. For theft. Armed robbery. Dealing drugs. Seriously, should I go on?

  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    And JD, just some links for you:





    this last one outlines UF players, under Meyer, doing the following: 1) Brawling 2) Discharging AK-47s (see above) 3) Robbery 4) Theft 5) Selling/Possessing Drugs 6) Burglary

    Wilson, BTW, came back the next year for a bit and then committed another violent crime and finally got booted, against Urban’s wishes. You still want this guy? At Notre Dame? A place that’s supposed to STAND FOR SOMETHING? Go ahead and say yes, and I’ll hope that someday you might, maybe, just a little, understand ND.

  • JD

    Wow. I had heard about the facemask thing, but not this. If that happened under one of our coaches there would probably be serious talk about asking him to leave if the kid wasn’t suspended for the rest of the year.

    Why does the NCAA refuse to do anything about this? This is what they think college sports are all about? This wouldn’t even fly in the NFL!

  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    Adam, Navy played as well as they could. They did a good job with the ball when they had it. But ND beat ND today. 0 for 5 inside the 20 until late in the 4th wasnt because Navy played great D. We had mis-reads, miscommunications, and plain old stupid plays. Give them credit for taking advantage of it, but 2 missed FGs, and tons of other missed chances inside the 20 is on us. It’s not because they made it happen. I respect those guys, they keep us safe. But today, ND beat ND. And that’s on our guys, and Weis. Horrible.

  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    Yeah JD. I have no doubt that Meyer would win at ND. But I am not willing to support a guy that will allow those things, ANYWHERE-EVEN IF NOT AT ND – as coach at ND. Never, no-how, no-way. The face mask thing was bad, but that’s just the latest example of his complete lack of ethics.

  • SDI

    Biscuit–who is crazy enough to still want ND to hire Meyer? I haven’t read much of that talk lately. I hear Brian Kelly a lot, and occassionally the guy from Boise or the guy from TCU, but not Meyer.

  • Craig

    I think the deal with Meyer is that everyone has finally accepted the reality that he’s not going to make a lateral move from Florida to coach here. Well, everyone but the loonies who think that we might be able to find an obscene amount of money between the couch cushions to entice ANY coach here, no matter how good their current situation is.

  • Craig

    Then again… I did hear some Urban Meyers in the stands today, so I guess not everyone has gotten the memo.

  • http://GoMids.com Adam

    The Biscuit,

    Typical. That’s all I have to say. Yep, Navy played a perfect game all right. Nevermind they missed a field goal, got stuffed on a gimmer 3rd and one, and were missing multiple starters due to injury. Did ND self-destruct? Yea, but it’s not like Navy “got lucky” all afternoon. 400+ yards of total offense is not “luck.”

    Respect them because they’re a good team, not just because they protect our country.

  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    Adam, who said they played a perfect game? I didn’t. And I didn’t say anything about their not deserving to win or anything of the sort. When we were at 1st and goal on the 2, multiple times, someone stopped us. I’m not saying Navy did nothing, I’m saying that ND should be able to overcome ANYTHING Navy sends at us. Anytime. Ever. The talent gap alone should cover it. They played well. They played well enough to win. But if ND is even 20% from the red zone in scoring (any scoring), which is laughable), ND wins.

  • jon

    The Biscuit:
    Don’t ever try and tell someone they are not an Irish for wanting a national championship winning coach at ND, let alone a multiple champion.
    It is morons like yourself who have made it ok to try and deal with the mediocrity that our beloved university has become. So Myer has had some trouble with a couple of recruits….He is getting nothing but thoroughbreds, when we have a couple horses and a lot of donkeys.
    It is my job, and every other supporter of ND’s responsibility to question our leadership when it has turned into the mundane, terrible team it has become.But to say that we should ignore a national championship coach,who has ND ties,and has always said he would love to coach at ND, and then to say we’re not real supporters of the IRISH?!? are you kidding me? Go hold onto Coach Weis’ jockstrap, and hope he might someday let u rub him down. I wish i would never have to quote Obama, but i agree with him when he said, WE NEED CHANGE!

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Jon, please learn how to read. My post had nothing to do with supporting Weis. In fact, I explicitly said that it had nothing to do with supporting Weis. (BTW, if you call this team mundane, you dont know what the word means). And yes, I say we should ignore a guy that has 24 arrests in just a few years, to go with his MNCs. Saying ‘Meyer has had some trouble with a couple of recruits’ clearly shows that 1) you have no idea what ND is about and 2) you have no idea what his ‘recruits’ have done. If you want to bring in a scumbag like Meyer, you are NOT an ND man. Deal with it. PS – this doesnt mean I’m saying no to change, I’m just saying that ANYthing is better than Meyer, and that you liking Meyer as an ND coach means you’re a fringe fan that has no clue what ND is about.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    PS – Jon, please take spelling lessons. “Moran” is spelled with an ‘a’.

  • jon

    Well actually im a diehard fan who lives and breathes ND…and I’m glad I don’t have to be around idiots like yourself. Nice little faggot blog you have here where all you do is critisize people for trying to find new ways to improve our team. get a fucking life fag.

  • hook

    Dont worry, Meyer doesn’t want to coach at ND. Why would he want to? When he is one of the top paid coaches already, he gets more talent out of the south, hes already won 2 BCS titles. What does ND have that Meyer would want? loser fans that hate on other teams that are better. What DOES ND stand for? Everyone knows if they joined the Big Ten, they would make things a lot easier on getting a play off system. Everything evolves around money at ND, not ethics, so of course they wont join any conference because they will have to share thier earnings. Your greedy ND would do anything to have Meyer… why becuase he would get them more money, and you can rant rave about ETHICS, but your a f’n idiot if you think ND wouldnt hire Meyer, and you know they would. So in reality how f’n ethical is your school if they are willing to hire the big bad Meyer.

    BTW, ND sucks, get used to it. Talking shit about other people isnt going to change that.

  • Ska

    Absolutely no Urban Liar. Never, Never!! The NRA will make ND into a poster child/thug. The Recruiting message will be “the automatic of your choice” if you go to ND. To “Hell with education.”
    By the way, ND Nation is more concerned/ranting about Obama’s commencement speech and dissing ND than discussing ND football.

  • krossfader

    Quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever read on a Domer blog. Meyer is a grade-A mercenary with no scruples about doing anything to win.

    Nick Saban has more ethical fiber that Meyer…

  • http://www.herloyalsons.com The Biscuit

    Jon, in your short second post you showed that you literally have no class, no respect for others, and no respect for yourself, and that you clearly do not understand ND in any way, shape or form. I request that you go cheer for Miami. They’ll welcome you there – you’re one of theirs, not one of ours. Hook, you should really, really try to learn how to write. You know, cohesive thoughts. Your 5th grade English teacher should be fired.

  • Eighty Fiver

    Three observations by an admittedly partisan Navy guy who has followed ND, an annual opponent, fairly closely for the better part of four decades:
    First: You’re absolutely right about Meyer. If ND wants to lose its identity and its incredibly valuable brand, there’s no faster way to that abyss than to hire a dirtbag like Meyer. The Spikes incident says it all about how that program is run, top down. Bring that to South Bend and you may get wins, but you lose something very important. I find that the ND fans who are actually close to the institution get this; the “subway domers” who have never in their lives set foot in the State of Indiana tend not to.
    Second: As to the series between our respective institutions is concerned, “the streak” is still alive and well–not on paper of course but in the unrealistic expectations of ND fans. Exhibit A is your comment above. (“ND should be able to overcome ANYTHING Navy sends at us. Anytime. Ever.”) ND does get far better recruits and has greater resources than Navy. But the expectation that a well-coached and fairly talented Navy team can’t come in, execute, and take a game every now and then just isn’t realistic. This will not happen very often, but it will happen occasionally, and I’d encourage you to get down off of the ledge.
    Third: Your “ND beat ND” comment sounds like it came out of Colorado Springs. ND got beaten by a well-coached team that came in and executed its game plan and capitalized on its opponent’s mistakes. (It happens–I watched it happen to my team a lot over 43 years.)

  • SDI

    Eighty Fiver–I disagree. Biscuit is right. Notre Dame has far, far more talent, at every position on the field than Navy. They should never lose to Navy, ever. USC losing to Oregon St. or Oregon is one thing–those schools are full of highly recruited players also. Navy is not. They are hard working, smart, disciplined kids that deserve our admiration for what they do. But they should never be able to beat Notre Dame. Gerry Faust, Bob Davie, and Ty Willingham never lost to Navy once between them. That says it all.

  • http://www.herloyalsons.com The Biscuit

    Eighty-fiver, I appreciate your comment, and I get what you’re saying. I agree that Navy played well. I agree that the coaches had a good game plan, and the players executed it well. But as SDI said, it shouldn’t happen because of the talent gap. That’s why it didn’t happen for so long. And on us beating us: ND was 88% in red zone scoring going into this game. If they had hit 50% (just 3 of 6!), we’d have won. Fumbling on the 1, throwing a pick inside the 10, missing 2 FGs. We did those things. Jimmy should’ve slid. Dumb mental mistake. Floyd/Jimmy should’ve communicated on that INT, dumb mental mistake. Tausch had hit 14 in a row, and misses 2. I’m sorry, but you guys didn’t block those. I give you credit for the goal line stand where we went 0 for 4 tries inside the 2. Good defense. But it wasn’t Navy making plays on the other 3 missed chances inside the 10. It was ND just falling all over themselves. I sincerely mean no disrespect to Navy, though I know it’s tough to believe that with what I’m saying…

  • Threehills

    At November 8th, 2009 at 1:19 am, jon said…
    “get a fucking life fag.”

    Spoken like a true Notre Dame Man (rolling eyes)

  • Burbank Steve

    Biscuit, a couple of things (or maybe more than a couple, I haven’t counted them before I post)

    1) Don’t worry about Meyer. Fortunately the “win now at any cost” creeps don’t actually have any say in the hiring of a Head Coach, whether they are ND Men or not. If the University had the balls to fire O’Leary for a resume fabrication, do you think they’d even let Meyer on campus for an interview?

    2) I’m tired of the excuses that our rigorous academics have a bearing on whether we can play. The Cardinal beat Oregon yesterday, and I’m not entirely convinced that Harbaugh can sweet-talk the trustees of Leland Stanford University that it’s worth their while to sneak in a plethora of 1.7 GPA guys just to help them fill the new stadium. Oh – and of course, do you think our Navy nemesis plays those games either? Their team is made of fighting men who, when they graduate, are off to a place none of us would ever wish to go, highly trained and commanding a real life-or-death situation, not third and long.

    3) I support my team. Our players did not break yesterday, they lost to a team that had a better battle plan. However, I don’t support the coaching staff who I think let those players down.

    4) No easy fixes, but now I’m sure that Charlie Weis is not our Coach, as much as he says he “gets it”. He let our players down yesterday, and he will continue to do so. I’ve just finished reading the new “Resurrection” book about Parseghian’s first year with ND, and I’m NOT exclaiming that there is magic to be found by looking to Northwestern, but there are men of morals, character, talent and inspiration that would lead ND in a better direction. And that does not mean a National Championship next year.

    5) I’m saddened by Charlie – he is an exemplary example of a Coach who will not dilute his vision with easy fixes, but he cannot seem to execute on game day. He has never disappointed in any other area – recruiting, discipline, team captains, anything .. except on game day, when he seems to be incapable of letting those talented and committed student-athletes perform as they undoubtledly can. That’s his cross to bear, but a tough act to follow – if anyone has the morals of Charlie and, in addition, the ability to perform, then we are looking for a rare talent. That’s the conundrum that is facing all Notre Dame men and women tonight.

    OK, 5 points and all totally confused, just as I’m sure that Jack Swarbrick is right now.

  • WS

    I’m a little late getting to the discussion here, but I disagree with your assessment on Urban Meyer. I’m of the opinion that the issues you have with him, e.g. player behavior, are more institutional problems than coaching problems. Florida has had players in legal trouble long before Urban Meyer got there and they will after he’s gone.
    It’s easy to point to his tenure there and rant about how “classless” he is, and I agree that Florida’s program reflects poorly on him as a coach. However, find me an incident from when he was at Utah if you really want to prove that he’s as awful as you say he is. Also, I don’t remember any of our wide receivers gouging eyes out when he was coaching here.
    I understand your concern that the next coach should represent Notre Dame well both on and off the field, but I don’t think that Urban Meyer would be an apocalytpic situation.

  • Coach Mike

    Not sure about Meyer and discipline. Don’t think he had any problems at Utah with that sort of thing. What about Chris Peterson at Boise State. He wins with players of lesser talent. Charlie is too flat emotionally. No sideline fire. People at ND still take umbrage with his flashing those Super Bowl rings when he arrived at ND. Okay, so the Weis era will be remembered as one of mediocrity, even though there were great players. So, who’s next?

  • Shoutboxx

    Guys, am I missing something or is this whole thing even more academic than it appears?

    First of all, we’re assuming Weis gets the heave-ho this year. At this point, after resisting a long time, I’m in favor of him going; he recruits like a fiend, but he just can’t seem to put it together on the field, something I find bizarre and confusing. And he consistently makes questionable calls (who doesn’t kick a field goal on 4th down from inside the 5 yard line in the second quarter, even if the kicker is struggling from further out? Its a freaking PAT attempt from that distance, and would let your kicker score and get a little confidence back. At that point in the game, just getting points on the board would have been the smart move; it was only a two-touchdown game, and our offense was moving the ball, even if they couldn’t punch it in. What was he thinking? Was he worried that the game was getting away and we needed a touchdown “or else”, or that the offense would suffer a psychological blow if it didn’t get a TD (which of course happened anyway)? Or was he just arrogant enough to believe that there was no way Navy could stop us in a short-yardage situation that many times in a row? I know it wasn’t the turning point in the game; we had plenty of opportunities after that. But, that decision symbolizes what’s wrong with Weis; he’s been doing this kind of crap for years. Its a serious problem.) But at this point, my guess is that unless he loses all the rest of our games, he’ll probably get one more year.

    But secondly, even if he goes, I just don’t see Meyer wanting to come to ND at this point. He’s sitting in a program that is contending for its second national championship in two years, and as far as I know people in Florida love him. Also, if I remember right, one of his reasons for not wanting the job in 2004 was he thought Florida would be a better place to raise his family. He still has fairly young kids (the two youngest are 10 and 15). If that really was a factor for him, why uproot them now?

    I know ND is special, and he’s made it clear he’d like the job at some point, but from his perspective, why would he trade what he has for the possibility that he might go to ND and completely fail, or at least not succeed so brilliantly (and yes, I know that’s a strong word, and I’m not a fan, but its hard to deny he’s been incredibly successful at Florida up to this point)? I just can’t see him wanting to do that, at least not at this time.

    That being said, personally I don’t think he’s the right coach for us anyway. At this point, I’m not sure who is, and I don’t think the administration is either, another reason I think Weis will get at least one more year.

    Biscuit, as always, well thought-out and argued points.

    Jon, you should reconsider what you said. Unlike Biscuit, I’d still take you as an ND guy, just a frustrated one with a different perspective from me and a homophobia problem, but you lost the argument completely when you resorted to the name-calling. This is 2009; no one is impressed by use of the word “faggot” as an insult anymore, and it just makes you look narrow and intolerant. Next time, go with an insult that is more “in” right now, like “douchebag”. Better yet, try to figure out a way to combine it with Biscuit’s handle; you know, like “Biscuit McDouche” or “Douchie McBiscuitBag.” You could totally win your argument with a couple of well-aimed insults like those, I’m sure, regardless of the merits.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    WS and Mike, I see your point, but I don’t agree. Saying UF’s problems are ‘institutional’ and not putting any of the blame on Meyer is just weak. He didn’t have issues at previous positions, great. But he’s the man at UF, and he’s the one that suspended Spikes for half a game for trying to blind a guy. No institution did that, he did that. He also let Ronnie Wilson back on the team. The AK-47 guy, back on the team. UF didn’t do that, Meyer did. Shoutboxx, I know that the debate around Meyer could be pointless. He’s probably unlikely to want the job anyway, but my issue is as much with that as it is with ND people WANTING him to come. It makes me sick to think we’ve gotten so desperate. Finally, Jon is no ND guy, not now, probably never.

  • Katzenboyer

    To answer your challenge “Anyone that wants him here, for any reason whatsoever, PLEASE, email us and let’s debate it. I’ll give you the platform to tell me why it’s a good idea.”

    Um…because the administration thought it was a good idea 5 years ago and had him as #1 on their list?

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    Katzenboyer, you really think that’s a “reason?”

    You really think that 5 years of evidence of his behavior and ethics since that last attempt doesn’t trump the ND-wanted-him-before-so-they-should-want-him-again “logic?”

    This is like saying your best fried should totally hook up with the hottie who wasn’t into him last year even though you now know that hottie has hepatitis.

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  • sabremaker

    I think your probably right about Urban Meyer, but two coaches that have impressed me are the Boise State Coach and Jim Harbaugh. Also, they still should consider Tom Clements. All three coaches are very capable of leading ND. Also, In back ground is the coach at Central Fla.who ND let go. He has done a remarkable job there and still should be consider for the job. I think everyone embellishes there resumes he just happened to get caught but it doesn’t mean he can’t coach.

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  • Katzenboyer

    Actually, it’s nothing like trying to hook up with a hottie knowing she has hepatitis.

    The demand was asked for any reason to be given about bringing in Meyer. Ignoring the fact that, you know, he’s won two national championships in the time period you reference, ND wanted him five years ago.

    Was ND incompetent in trying to get Meyer? Did they have the wool pulled over their eyes? Were they incompetent?

    Or is it moreso that our fan base as a whole is entirely too sensitive to teams who “don’t win the right way”? That the fact that Meyer since going to Florida has stolen Justin Trattou and Omar Hunter from us by doing exactly what ND did to Brian Smith and Roby Toma when they were committed to Iowa and UCLA respectively?

    Some of you guys act like children whenever Urban Meyer is brought up. It’s embarassing to read as a Notre Dame fan, and it makes you all look like jilted lovers still trying to get back at your ex-boyfriends because they’ve moved happily on without you.

    Grow up.

  • Katzenboyer

    “This is like saying your best fried should totally hook up with the hottie who wasn’t into him last year even though you now know that hottie has hepatitis.”

    Just because you want everyone to THINK she has hepatitis, doesn’t mean she does. Which is why the “jilted lover” analogy works perfectly — you’re pissed she took your dignity, and now you’re just trying to save your ego by saying she’s got VD. What a mature way to handle things.

  • SDI

    She does have hepatitis.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq


    We’re not making crap up about Meyer. We actually know the way he’s handled discipline problems at Florida. It’s been a freaking joke. Even the Florida papers wonder about it.

    And again, I think Biscuit was asking for a “reason” and you came up with, “because ND wanted him before.” That’s not a reason. Look up “reason.”

    Meyer’s shown he can work within the parameters at Florida to win NCs. He hasn’t shown at all tha the can win a NC within the sort of parameters laid out by ND. And I think it’s foolhardy to assume he ever could. He’d have to break habit.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Katz, I know you won’t believe me, but my not wanting Meyer has literally nothing to do with him turning us down the first time around. I get why he did it – ND was way down, and he wanted UF for family reasons (he’s made this very clear). When he turned us down, I didn’t hate him. Go back and read this blog around that time. We made fun of a him a little, but I would’ve welcomed him here the very next season, no problem, if circumstances had allowed for it in some weird, random way. But 24 (24!) arrests later, and repeated evidence of his obvious lack of any scruples/morals (see EDSBS – even UF fans make fun of this), and his win-at-any-costs attitude changed all of that. Again, I know you won’t believe this and you want to pin your ‘jilted lover’ crap on us, but it’s just not the case. If Meyer was winning with any semblance of integrity, I’d be doing whatever possible to get him to ND. The issue here is that we’re not SAYING the girl has VD. The girl freaking HAS VD! (It’s been published in the papers, on the blogs, and spouted all over ESPN that this chick has VD man, at what point do you need more evidence to believe it?) And probably a lot more than we even know about.

  • Katzenboyer

    I’m not saying anybody is making crap up about Meyer.

    What I’m saying is that 5 years ago ND wanted him to be “the guy”. And the fanbase hasn’t forgiven him for saying “No”, and it looks very immature when we constantly whine about what he does and doesn’t do.

    As for giving a “reason”, I’ve taken your advice and looked it up in the dictionary — thank you for pointing me in the right direction. And as for my “reason” and how it applies — ND wanted him five years ago, after he was a relatively “small fish”. They wanted him because he won football games whereever he went, and had coaching experience at ND. Those same reasons are why they’d want him now (plus the two national championships, the enormous win total, and the fact that he’s considered one of the top coaches in the game) and if you don’t think ND will give him a call if they decide to axe Charlie, you’re crazy.
    But again, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I might have gone through life not knowing what “reason” meant, but I’m a better man now.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    Katz, what you have to understand is that had Meyer won as he is winning without the problems behind the scenes, we’d be the first ones trumpeting Urb’s “return” to South Bend. It’s the problems with players running around with AK-47s, stealing dead girlfriends’ credit cards, etc… that have turned us off. We could easily forgive the fact that he said no once before.

    Further, Biscuit wasn’t asking for reasons that ND’s Admin will go calling to Meyer. I’m pretty sure they will. Biscuit was asking for reasons that the admin would be right to do so because we believe that it’s against the very core ideals of ND to go after a guy like Urban Meyer.

  • Katzenboyer

    Domer, that’s fine and good. But aren’t the players transgressions a reflection of the player, and not the coach?
    I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. I’m not supporting, nor denying, Meyer as coach of ND.
    But we often hear how the player’s are the ones making the plays defensively, and that’s why Weis should be given a pass on the defensive poor play. Well, did Meyer buy the guy a gun? How can he control what the players do off the field?
    And also, the guys who got arrested wouldn’t be admitted to Notre Dame, so I don’t think we’d have the same problems.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Right. I am almost certain ND will reach out to him if/when a search takes place. I just really, really, really wish they wouldn’t. Because they shouldn’t – because there is no reason, none, that makes him attractive for Notre Dame. For every other program? Sure. But the minute we hire Urban, we immediately put a stake in the ground that says that winning is more important than anything else. When that happens we should start taking JUCO’s, relax all admission standards to the bare minimums, allow players to take ‘online courses’ that others take for them, and generally let any player stay on the squad despite any legal or moral issues. Trying to blind opposing players will be fine at ND under Urban Meyer. Is that the ND you want to root for? Support? Love? Not me.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    ps – my ‘right’ was to DMQ. Katz, on your latest, the problem is that Urban CAN do something to stop those things. He just doesn’t. He can kick kids off the team. He can refuse to recruit them in the first place. He can implement penalties beyond 1/2 game suspensions against lowly opponents. Coaches do, and should, have responsibility for the players off the field.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    Katz, it’s not about what the players do off the field. It’s how Urban handles it after the fact. It’s how Urban signals to the team that something is or isn’t okay.

    And you bring up a fun point: Urban hasn’t shown that he could coach the kind of players that ND brings in.

  • Mark Makers

    Urban left us at the alter. He punked KW and leveraged our interest for a better deal at Florida. Then, when it suited his negotiaing interests at Florida a 2nd time, he shook out the old, “I love ND” line. Way too many ND fans immediately went into hyperventilation mode. Psych! Again!! Even if he were a Notre Dame-caliber person, (which he ain’t) he’s not coming. Maybe deep down inside he knows he doesn’t have what it takes to coach at ND.

  • Reality

    This is hilarious. Delusional ND fans pretending 1) that Urban Meyer would even want the job, and 2) that you’d actually turn him down.

    “If that billionaire offered me 10 million dollars I TOTALLY wouldn’t take it because he’s in the oil business.” Riiiiigght.

    You guys base your theory on a premise that is entirely ludicrous in the first place.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Reality needs to learn how to read. You know – take meaning from words and all that?
    Nowhere in this post did I say that Meyer would want the job, and nowhere did I say that ND would turn him down. I said that ND fans shouldn’t want him, and that ND should not offer him the job. For the record, I think it’s 50/50 that he’d want the job. He’s publicly stated it’s his ‘dream’, and all that. But he also lies all the time, so it’s tough to know what reality is. And I’m pretty sure that the ND brass would take him on if he expressed interest, which is probably the saddest part all around. But even sadder is your inability to comprehend words. Or write them. Can you please explain what “my theory” is? And what premise it’s based on that is ludicrous? Please, enlighten us.

  • Ty Webb

    As an Alabama fan with no dog in the hunt (well, I wouldn’t mind if Meyer left UF, so maybe that’s not true), I hate to tell you that the common outsiders’ impression is that Weis has certainly never done anything to show that he’s a more honorable man than Meyer. The whole “decided schematic advantage” speech, before he’d won anything, completely revealed a lack of character, humility, and self-awareness. The constant “we’re different” vibe that ND tries to give off doesn’t work anymore; not sure how it ever did.

  • http://www.yourmother.com The Biscuit

    Ty, are you seriously trying to equate having an ego with having no moral compass? I agree that Weis is a jackass often, and puts his foot in his mouth time and again, but Meyer has blatant lies to recruits, NCAA violations and 24 arrests under his belt. Weis isn’t the nicest guy in the world, but he doesn’t cheat and he doesnt allow felons to play on his team. Huge difference.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    Ty, let me refer you to any punishments Weis has handed to players who’ve been arrested on various charges versus what Meyer has done at UF. It’s not even comparable.

  • Is this thing on

    If you think Willie Martinez from the University of Georgia would be better than Urban, we would appreciate you guys giving him a job.

  • Chaz

    You ND people are delusional. Get real, the college football world has passed you by. Any coach with any sense of awareness wouldn’t touch the ND job with a ten foot pole. The glory of ND has been slowly eroded since you ran Holtz out of town. Now, disappointment and dismay are the norm, and ND players consistently underperform. ND is the single greatest talent waster in college football today. You deserve Charlie Weis to stay until the last day of his contract. By then, he will weigh about 750lbs, and the ND administration can then hire the next coach. ND and Snyder of the Redskins are in the same boat, who in their right mind would want to coach in South Bend? My how the mighty have fallen, and there’s no hope in sight. Stoops, Meyer, Saban? HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! ND is a big, big step down from where they are now. All this high minded talk about ethics is a complete joke! ND is the biggest money grubbing, hypocritical entity in college football.

  • Chaz

    Speaking of high academic standards, even Northwestern and Stanford can beat a BCS top 10 ranked team. When was the last time ND could say that? Not that ND is in the same class academically as Stanford. Stanford is in the elite of the elite, meaning Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford.

  • Benny

    Reason for Meyer. Florida has a defense…Even Willingham had a defense. Weis is a one sided arse.

  • Jack

    You just dont get it. Its too hard. Its hard to become a lawyer. Its hard to be a collegit athlete. Its impossible these days to become both. Kids dont want what you have to offer. Most kids today that get a scholarship to a big time program truly think that when its over they are going Pro. They want a program that gets results.Not an education. They are no longer interested in some fucking guy named “Gipper” They dont care-AT ALL.I knew that Charlie Weis would come in with his big fat ego and totally fuck up. If you didnt see this comming your just plain STUPID, and to be honest Ive enjoyed every minute of it. For years you all acted like you were doing Navy a favor by playing them [Oh arent we great for playing Navy] and now there kicking your asses-you had it comming. As much as Ild LOVE to blame Davie,Willingham and Weis I cant. Its the school itself that has done it to itself with your holier-than-thou bullshit. This is College Football not a Debutant Ball,but if you want to make it that-go right ahead. Ill tell you all this and I mean it from the bottom of my heart- Notre Dame WILL NEVER,EVER WIN ANOTHER BCS CHAMPIONSHIP-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This Guy

    A few things it seems no one’s fond of mentioning:

    -Nearly half of Florida’s arrests (11 of 24) resulted in dismissed charges.

    -Not one felony/repeat offender finished his eligibility at UF.
    -If you adjust for dismissed charges or weight the charges by severity, UF’s not even close to the worst in the region (FSU and Tennessee are far worse in that time).
    -Brandon Spikes had his own eyes gouged and Tim Tebow received a vicious late hit non-call, in the same game, from guys who suited up against Tennessee Tech the following week without complaint.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Jack, ND can’t win another BCS championship. We haven’t won any to date. Oh, and you’re an idiot.

    This Guy, I know that some of those arrests didn’t result in a conviction. But even if we throw out 40% of them, it’s still ludicrous. And if we ignore all but the Wilson incident, it’s still horrible – just Urban allowing Ronnie Wilson back on the team after the AK-47 incident is enough for me.

  • 1974gator

    The Biscuit doesn’t want to hear Urban turn ND down for the THIRD time (10-20 times if you believe the press). He’s been high on some kind of mind altering substance because his DTs are making him paranoid and dilusional.
    It’s time to face the truth….ND is not an elite program anymore, haven’t been for 40 years (we love the reality of this here, in the SE). You guys are living on a legacy the last brick of which was layed by Ara in the ’60s. If you want to talk about a real scumbag coach, what about Lou Holtz? This guy got Arkansas put on probation shortly after the Jesuits hired him. He brought you a tainted nat’l championship and left before the illegal sanctions could catch-up with him at your school.
    I think I hear a funeral dirge playing in the background. Maybe that should be the ND fight song. Go find a real football coach not a pompous ass like Weis. Someone who can coach-up your over-hyped players.

  • http://hirejimessian.com Bad Kermit

    To clarify this point once again for the unwashed masses, Urban was never actually offered the ND job, so there’s no way he could have “turned them down.” To be fair, I don’t think Urban would have taken the job even if it WAS offered to him. I think he used ND to get more money out of Florida, which is what anyone with half a brain would have done.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    Jack, if recruits don’t want to have what ND is offering, why is ND haven’t a pretty successful time recruiting?

    And either way, if recruits don’t want what ND has to offer, then that’s fine. ND’s should not stop being what it is, and ND should not stop offering what it does just to recruit football players and win football games.

  • Jesus

    I love how this idiot still loves to try and lie and make up claims that all Florida players drive around with AK-47s in the trunks of their cars and that Urban Meyer endorses that. The only FACT in that case is that a Florida player had an AK that he fired, and this is NOT an AK-47. This is like trying to say you ate dynamite when in truth you ate a vanilla ice cream cone, but people don’t care about facts. They see the two letters AK and ASSUME that means AK-47. They also ignore the fact he was thrown off of the team for it. How about this I will play by the Notre Dame rules, I mean rules of hypocrisy, from now on I will just start making up total bullcrap about ND left and right. Watch how easy it is, Urban Meyer hands AK-47s to his players? Well ND forces it’s athletes to sell drugs to elementary school children to pay for their scholarships. THAT IS A FACT people. With very little work I can have it set up that you could look it up on google as well. Child Prostitution Rings? They have em up in South Bend.

    The laughable part about people like this is they still somehow believe Notre Dame is somehow above all other schools both academically and in terms of their own moral righteousness. These people dance around in their ignorance claiming so and so isn’t WORTHY of being a ND man or woman, as if they are somehow above others. Well guess what ND, if you really are christians or catholics, then god has a special place reserved for you in hell for your lifetime of hubris and hypocrisy, because your school and fanbase is one of the worst of the worst.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    I love when Florida fans come on here and claim they’re Jesus.

    It’s almost as funny as when Florida fans use their special, slow internet to comment on posts we wrote 10 months ago.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    um, “Jesus”, are you SERIOUSLY going to argue that it’s not that big of a deal because i got the exact MODEL OF THE SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE WRONG????? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!

    Florida fans are hilarious. Fine, I’ll go with your wording: Wilson pulled out an “AK” (NOT A 47, JUST A SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE FOLKS, THATS ALL!) and fired it during a fight. Better?

    And then you say Dynamite is to Ice Cream Cone as AK-47 is to AK???? Are you REALLY this dumb?

    And I didn’t ignore the fact that Wilson was thrown off the team for it – my post includes that fact. The issue is that HE WAS LET BACK ON THE TEAM AGAIN, you freaking idiot.

    And on the superiority on ethics and academics, that’s just a fact. Check out the number of arrests at ND in the past 3 years and compare it to other programs, and especially yours. ND starts to look a bit more ethical no?

    Then PLEASE go look at the GPAs of those teams, and the graduation rates. ND starts to look academically superior no?

    Just because you say we make things up, doesn’t mean we do. It just means you say it.

  • kevin ND’89

    I just read the first entry. Come-on, people. ND will not get a better coach that Charlie. I live 5 mi from where the 3-time champ (this year’ll make #4) Patriots play. I am, needless to say, a Pats fan. And (not “But” which automatically sets an adversarial tone) I am, again needless to say, an ND fan. To hell with Carlie and his records…coaches are never as good nor as bad as they figure (records) to be. As an honorary alumn of 1989, I want it to be an honor to be an alumn. This is beyond football, folks. This is character. Amen.

  • kevin ND’89

    to clarify: ND will not get a better coach than Charlie. Charlie is character I take pride in.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    kevin, is your contention that we won’t find a better guy than Charlie, or that we won’t find a guy that will win more, or both?

  • Chaz

    Weis and ND deserve each other. I am begging you to please keep your decided schematic advantages, so you can continue to be OWNED by USC for many years to come.

  • domer.mq

    You know what makes me laugh. Dudes who go around calling themselves “Chaz.” Might as well walk around with a sign that says, “Someday I’m going to kill myself with a cocaine overdose.”

  • Dan

    Get off your high horse already. If you’re a Domer like I am and know anything about the history of ND football, you’d know that Lou Holtz, as loved and respected as he is, made many questionable calls when he was head coach. Because of Lou’s beloved personality, enthusiasm, and unyielding loyalty to ND, people forget about his history of allowing thugs on the field. Meyer is certainly more lenient than most, but he understands the idea of a second chance. Try reading the entire SI article you posted, The Biscuit. Meyer knows he has the ability to steer troubled kids in the right direction, but even he didn’t grant concessions for Jamar Hornsby. I will admit that Brandon Spikes getting half a game isn’t nearly enough, but you’re still ignoring the big picture.

    The danger with Meyer is the lack of discipline on and off the field, no doubt. But if hired at ND, he’d be held to a higher standard. Anyone that thinks that K-Mac deserved to get punished as harshly as he did for possession of weed needs to seriously come down from their pedestal. ND standards are not exclusive to only discipline and punishment; they also incorporate forgiveness and redemption, things that have been lost in the shuffle in recent years. Meyer is an ardent Catholic and family man who loves ND, and you’re getting hung up on his leniency to his own players?

    The Biscuit, you’re absolutely right one thing, albeit sarcastic: YES, of course winning is more important. That’s what coaches are hired to do, that’s why they get paid millions. That’s why Charlie’s dismissal has been long overdue. And of course the head coach at ND should have a moral compass and set an example, but it shouldn’t precede his ability to get results. If you hire a coach based on his morality first as opposed to his ability, you’re going to end up with another Mike Brey. For the record I’m a huge fan of Brey as a coach and a person, but I can’t dismiss the fact that there are better men for the job. There’s no doubt that our coaches should purvey an air of moral uprightness, but to put that above winning is utter nonsense. And to say that Urban Meyer doesn’t fit the mold of ND standards is just as ridiculous.

  • domer.mq


    You really need to take a breath. You sound like Gollum, cherishing beautiful wins over all else. It’s sad, and as a ND grad, I expect more from you.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Dan, I bet you work at one of those hedge funds that sold derivatives of derivatives of derivatives and figure it’s all well and good. I mean, the point is to make money right?

  • Dan

    Haha, thanks for the that, but I’m actually a current senior at ND. I’ve got an idea: how’s about you counter my points with facts instead of trying to guess who the guy behind the computer is? It’s obvious that you guys prefer opinion to fact; more than half of your diatribes towards Meyer are just that. It is a fact that Lou Holtz recruited thugs during his reign; it is your opinion that Meyer is more at fault than Holtz. It is a fact that Meyer is a well-qualified coach who has made apparent his love for ND; it is your opinion that he’s lying and that all he really cares about is fame. It is a fact that, after three atrocious-to-lackluster years, thousands of Domers and alums are excited to hear that Urban Meyer could become our new head coach; it is your opinion that all of these people don’t deserve or qualify to be Domers. How about you limit your articles to facts and figures and include perspective? Perspective is different than simply rambling on, trying to disguise the fact that your dislike for Meyer stems only from your dislike for the Gators in general. You want a school that’s famous only for its morality? Start following BYU. Notre Dame is known ’round the world for its excellence in all aspects of life, and that includes pushing for the best football program in the country. Meyer is the man for that job.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Dan, if you think that my huge list of FACTS about Urban Meyer’s reign at at UF aren’t FACTS, then ND is failing you in your education. I put together a list of 26 facts to support my argument. How many have you provided? NONE.

    How about this, YOU back up YOUR contention with facts. You stated an OPINION: Lou Holtz was as scummy as Urban is today. Okay, why don’t you back it up with facts then? Show me the arrests, detail them out as I’ve done with Urban. Show me all the instances of how he was shady, back up your argument with logic, examples and sources as I’ve done, and then I’ll give your position a real look. But until then you’re just spouting off your opinion that Holtz was as shady as Urban is. And trust me, if you do that work (which I know you won’t, because you’d rather ramble on about using facts than actually provide them) you’ll get to the place I am: Holtz wasn’t perfect, but he was a far, far stretch from Meyer. No coach at ND has ever gotten to be close to within the realm of what Urban has done at UF. NONE.

    And please, don’t make up straw man arguments, attribute them to me, and then tear them down. You just made up a few. 1) You said that I said that all Meyer cares about is fame and that he doesn’t truly love ND. Where in the world did I freaking say that? Please, show me the quote. I have no doubt Urban loves ND (I don’t know that he’d come, but that’s a different topic). 2) You say it’s a fact that ‘thousands of Domers and alums’ are excited about Urban. Where’s your backup data? Did you do a nationally representative poll? If not, this is your PERSPECTIVE/OPINION, not a fact. 3) You say that my dislike for Urban is based on my dislike for the Gators in general. How is that a fact? How do you know my mind better than I? If you’d spend a little time reading and comprehending, you’d see that I loved Meyer when he went to UF. He ran a tight ship at Utah, and won. I wanted him then too. And I have pretty much complete indifference to Florida. It’s another SEC team, that’s about it. The only reason I ever mention Florida on this site is bc they’re good, and because folks like you pine for their scumbag coach to come to ND. 4) Finally, you say that I want a school that’s famous only for its morality. Seriously, go back and re-take English 101 kid. I clearly state in my posts that I want a program that’s famous for winning AND morality. And that I believe both can be achieved. I sure hope you’re going to grad school, because logic like this will get you nowhere bud.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Oh, and ‘more than half your diatribes on Meyer’ are opinion? Go back and read every post we’ve ever made about Meyer and find me one without a source and facts to back up the conclusion (not opinion) that he’s a grade-A d-bag. Go ‘head. Do the work.

  • domer.mq

    Well Dan, as a current ND student, I expect even more from you. Your diatribes here are quite disappointing.

  • Sunny Black

    Awesome….this blog posting embodies everything I’ve savored about ND’s fall from grace. Lovely. Clausen and Tate will be gone soon, but I enjoy ND football most when you guys think you’re on the verge of a breakout 10-2 season (maybe even 12-0! fingers crossed) and it all comes crumbling back down to an 8-4 or 7-5… :( poor fighting irish.

    Yes, I’ll be thinking real hard about ND’s drift into football obscurity while I’m in Pasadena watching my Gators win a third championship in four years (here in the modern era). heh heh…. (yes, with all our criminals and AK-47’s and eye-gougers…another back to back championship for UF. But you ND “men” are men of character, so you have that. Hold on to it tightly.)

    It won’t be much longer now ’til we think of ND’s championships with the same regard as Harvard’s. I hope you guys keep Charlie Weiss. I love watching him as the head of arrogant mediocrity. (And, jesus, give that man a salad. He’s going to be rolling into the tunnel after his losses in one of those Senior Scooters..heh heh..)

    (Having said all of this: I love Lou Holtz! I’m surprised you guys didn’t win more titles in the late 80s with Tony Rice and that wishbone).

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Sunny, we never expected 12-0 here. I called 9-3/8-4. Don’t pin things on me that I’ve never said.

    We’ll take our character for sure. We’ll hold onto it, and we’ll win with character. It’s typical of UF fans to not care about character. Why would you, when you have none? Your pride in your team’s criminality speaks for itself.

    And you can preen all you want. No doubt UF is in a heck of a stretch. But UF is a baby in football success. Your program is solid now, but where were you for the first 100 years of ball? Let’s see you sustain it beyond this little period you have going for you, and then I’ll be impressed. But don’t count on it. This is your peak, enjoy it while you can.

  • http://domer.mq domer.mq

    There is nothing more reaffirming in this world than guys like Sunny coming over here to try and convince us to give up hope.

  • Coach Mike


    A real class act those Gators. Aside from Tebow, that bunch of dissolutes conjurs up those thug Miami teams from years past. And I don’t think I’d be booking that flight to Pasadena just yet. Your Gators won’t get past Alabam in Atlanta. Typical Gator is what you are: Big Mouth and little ears with which to listen.

  • Chaz

    A school with high academic standards like Stanford can get in done in grand fashion against USC. ND fans, quit making excuses about how ND is limited by its academic standards – you guys got Clausen and Manti Teo didnt you? . ND fans should also realize ND is not quite in the same academic class as Stanford and Harvard. ND fans should get real – ND is in the same academic strata as Georgetown and Boston College.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Chaz, no one here ever says it can’t be done with good quality kids that actually learn. We never use that as an excuse. And who here claims to be in the Top 5 academically? We’re a Top 15-20 school. Among traditional football powers, we’re the ONLY Top 15-20 school academically. You seem to be making up arguments for us, and then disagreeing. “Stop saying that the world is flat, it isn’t!” No shite. To summarize: 1) It’s not the academics or moral/ethical standards that have caused ND’s struggles. 2) ND is a top tier school if you consider top tier Top 20. If you only consider top 5 schools (harvard, stanford, etc) top tier, then we’re 2nd tier. But we compare extremely favorably to any top programs out there – USC, UM, UF, whatever. Relatively speaking, we’re way superior academically. On the field, we have work to do.

  • hook

    The last 19 years UF has finished the season in the top 25 every year. 3 national championships, 2 heismen winners. 2 college football Hall of Fame members.

    Where has ND been last 20 years?
    20 years is hardly a “little stretch”

  • hook

    Why is it that you assume Urban Meyer only gives his players a second chance “becuase he has no morals”. Cleary you are implying he only cares about winning and nothing else.

    That is just an assumption though,not a fact. The players you mention did not contribute enough to the team to support your theory. Any one of those players could of been easily replaced.

    So why would a coach give a troubled kid a second chance when kicking them off the team would bare no consequences for Meyer? Maybe he actually cares for these kids future and doesnt want them to go back to the ghetto, and continue with a troubled life. If a player can be suspended and learn from his mistakes, get an education and become a better person, does that really make Urban Meyer a scum bag? Sure I could be wrong, but common sense would tell you he didnt keep them on the team because he was worried, it would hurt his chances to win.

    I am sure you will throw Spikes in there, but my arguement to you is, the SEC said they were ok with the suspension. Does that make them scumbags as well?

    You never answered my question from earlier, even you yourself said ND would hire UM. SO if ND is willing to hire this terrible person, what does that make ND, oblivious? OR maybe you are being unreasonable.

    This entire blog you have insulted so many people, calling people names back and forth. You dont seem like the person I would take advice from about ethics.


  • hook

    as others have said, you dont answer people with reasoning, you just use insults to protect your narrow minded comments.

    If my 5th grade teacher should be fired, then what should we do about your parents?

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    hook, i don’t even know where to start with you.

    first, you come on to our site, and you call us “loser fans” and people “f’in idiot” and we’re the ones insulting people and calling people names back and forth? pot. kettle. black. i read back through here and i called 2 people idiots because they displayed clear signs of idiocy. i questioned your ability to read and write because you’ve struggled to comprehend, and reply, in English. you have 2 options to deal with that. 1) stop coming around so you can avoid all this hellacious and sinful abuse of name-calling or 2) get better at reading and writing. it’s really your choice. but don’t blame me because you and others struggle to understand what i’m saying. that’s not my fault. andn if you think that calling you people (fans of other CFB programs that come into our neck of the woods to talk trash) names is a clear moral issue, then i have serious questions about your world view.

    as for my parents, they should get a freaking medal. i’m undeniably good-lookin, super fun to be around, wicked smart, and extremely humble to boot.

    as for your argument that Meyer just ‘cares about the kids’. hmmmmm, so his program is one big non-profit to help the kids from the ghetto now? it has nothing to do with winning. he just takes all kinds of kids with character issues and brings them in so he can help them grow, mature and become better people and gradu…wait, ooops, sorry. he’s running a football factory bud, where the kids DON’T graduate. there’s your proof.

    And the Spikes and Wilson situations prove you wrong as well. They’re both key players, and they both got off super easy. And just because the SEC agreed, you think that makes it right? You REALLY think the SEC only cares about what’s right? Trying to BLIND ANOTHER PLAYER IS WRONG. I DON’T CARE WHO SAYS IT’S OKAY IT’S NOT. You’re more confused than I thought.

    Finally, I did say that ND would probably hire Meyer. I don’t know that that’s the case, it’s a guess. And my position is that they should not. What’s not clear about that? And if it happens it would make ND a school with poor leadership.

    I still don’t get why you’re arguing this. You’re a UF fan, right? And you want Meyer to stay, right? So shouldnt you want ND and ND fans to think he’s a scumbag so we don’t come after him? I know you think he doesnt want to coach at ND, and I truly hope you’re right, so shouldn’t you just agree with us so you can keep him running the tight ship that he does down there for you?

  • Socraticsilence

    Wait- How does Wilson- a guy who never started a game at Florida- prove that Meyer takes it easy on key players- if anything it seems to prove that he’s willing to take a chance and let a guy try and turn his life around. I realize that some people prefer Coaches who don’t care about there players and are only fairweather friends but Meyer’s different he gives guys a second chance.

  • hook

    1.Wilson was not a contributor contrary to what you have been telling people.

    2. Spikes half game suspension may have been wrong, but it had nothing to do with wanting to win so bad he couldnt help but only give him a half game suspension. WE PLAYED VANDERBILT. The last thing Meyer was thinking, “2 quarters of Spikes will help us win”. give me a break.

    2a. You dont know Spikes intentions were to blind the guy, wrong yes. The emotions got the best of him, have you ever been in a football game before? Hes not Hannibal Lector trying to take out the guys eye balls, he cleary let his anger get the best of him, and made a stupid decision without thinking he could actually hurt this guy.

    3. I never called anyone a f’n idiot, I said you would be if you think ND wouldnt be interested in Meyer. So I didnt call ne one a name.

    3a.When I said loser fans, I was referring to what Urban Meyer would think of you calling him a scum bag and what not, why would he want to have loser fans who hate on other teams…(thats you and anyone who agrees with you). I dont have a problem with ND fans as a whole. But if a majority of ND fans felt the way you did, that is what he would think of you. If I call someone an idiot, that doesnt make me a hypcrite. I am not the one preaching about morals and ethics here. That just makes me a prick.

    4. I can read and write fine, this is a blog. I dont feel the need to write in MLA essay format as if I were submitting it to my teacher. Nobody cares, its just an excuse for you to trash me becuase you have nothing productive to say.

    5. Meyer gets paid to win, but questioning his ethics, and calling him a scum bag becuase he gives 3rd string players a second chance is much more irrational than me saying he cares for his players and thinks they deserve a second chance. If they can get through a suspension with good conduct, why dont they deserve a second chance? I guess you think the eagles owners are total scum bags as well for giving mike vick a second chance after he served his punishment.

    This could of been about any coach for all I care, your total attitude towards people is pethetic. You cant even get along with your fellow ND fans. You talk to people as if they have to listen to you, if not, they are complete idiots, or not “true ND fans”. Anyone who thinks thier way is the only way, has issues. Someone has to point them out.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    6. Fine, I’ll agree with you on point 3a. The end.

    And the fellow ND fans you refer to used derogatory terms about homosexuals to make their points, or feel that winning-at-all-costs is a good idea. If you want to side with those ND ‘fans’, go at it. It appears you already have.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Socratic, you’re really SURE, you just KNOW that Meyer just wanted to help all of these kids out? He just wanted to help them become better people? He wanted to mentor Mr. Wilson and help him become a productive guy and upstanding citizen? How’d that turn out?

    How can you give the guy a pass for bringing all these shady guys onto the team in the first place? You think that maybe, just maybe, NOT rewarding thug behavior might help deter it even more? So you say to a kid ‘sorry son, you’ve just been involved in too many bad things during HS. your background check didn’t check out, so I can’t offer you a scholarship’. Maybe THAT gets around over time, and kids learn that to play for the best, to be the best, you can’t do those things. That’s really not an option? Of course it is, but if Meyer does that (which is what ND does, btw) he can’t win so easily. So he brings them in to mentor them all the way to jail, the NFL, or back to the ghetto with no degree to show for it. Great.

  • RammerJammer

    You Domers crack me up. UM wouldn’t come coach at your loser school. You’re only trashing the guy so you can say “we didn’t want him anyway” when he laughs in your AD’s face.

    You guys won’t hire a winning coach because your AD is run by a bunch bowtie wearing old fogies who still think that JFK is in office.

    You’ll hire either A) someone with ND ties, i.e. Skip Holtz, because they “understand what it means to be a delusional Domer Homer” or B) some mediocre coach that sells you a line of bull about graduation rates or character building. You’ll have another string of 6 to 8 win seasons and blame all the losses on conspiracies, etc. until he lets Akron run up it’s streak to 5 straight and then you’ll fire him and do the same thing again.

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  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    RammerJammer, sadly, I agree with most of what you said. I don’t have great confidence in our ‘old fogies in bowties’ (read: Priests) to do this very well. I disagree with the first part though – we’re saying this because we really believe it – not just so we can say ‘we didnt want you anyway’. Otherwise I doubt we’d still be defending the position (and this is not a position that all ND fans have btw, it’s just ours)

  • Oak

    Is this guy for real? Urban Meyer is an upright guy…Does this guy know him? What an arrogant shit. If this represents ND then I’m outa here.

  • jackwells

    Hey I just wanted to say that Jimmy Clausen being punched is a crock of shit. Being a Gator I understand the PRESSURE of being a QB of a school of this magnitude, and the fact that he was punched in front of his mother is NOT COOL. I hate you fuckers but I also know that being your QB aint no walk in the park. Dont take no shit from these fuckers. Find them and prosecute them to the fullest. Take ’em out HARD. Good luck next season. YOU WILL NEED IT!!! Love Jack

  • This Guy

    Ronnie Wilson’s actions were indefensible, and allowing him back on the team was more so. I’m more than willing to admit that, and more than likely Urbs is too.

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    jack, thanks, sorta.

  • jackwells

    Boys, just a thought but I would be giving Jim Harbaugh some serious thought. He is a good man,runs a clean program and I guarantee he and his team are going to give ND ALL you can handle.
    Anouther thought if ND wants to be able to run with the big boys [anytime soon]Jim Harbaugh might be a good fit at ND.

    PS Has anyone got a hold of the ass that punched Jimmy Clausen yet?

  • http://gaturprincess-sportstalk.blogspot.com/ Candice

    I don’t think Notre Dame has the prestige it once had. It seems that no coach is jumping at the chance. Maybe I am wrong but, as I came into adulthood in the 90’s the Irish was still on top of the world. Not so much now. I think you will be very lucky to get Brian Kelly. I would fall out of my chair if someone said Meyer was interested or entertaining the idea at this point. And, for the record all programs have discipline issues. Maybe Florida has had more than it’s share. But, I personally am pleased with Meyers ability to give these kids a second chance.

  • jack wells

    Man you guys are GLUTTONS for punishment. KELLY!!?? you have got to be kidding me. Why the hell didnt you just pay Harbough what he wanted. Big mistake my friends. Well I be seeing you in the funny papers!

    Love Jack

  • http://www.michigandoessuck.com The Biscuit

    Candice, ND hasnt had the success recently, it’s true. not compared to our rich history of winning non-stop. but one coach jumped at the chance – Brian Kelly. and he was the only one our AD talked to. So a 100% batting average ain’t bad. team’s dont all have ‘their fair share’. name an ND arrest this past year. go ‘head, do it. can’t? i can name 25 at UF in the past 3 years. that’s just under 1 per game. thats despicable. Jack, harbaugh was never on our radar, never under consideration, and had we hired him i’d have immediately vomited. he’s not ND material. never was, never will be. KU? yep.

  • SDI

    Candice the fact of the matter is that big time coaches never leave their jobs to go directly to other universities. It just doesn’t happen. Notre Dame has never hired a coach from Oklahoma, USC, Alabama, Florida St. or any other top ten program. ND’s great coaches Rockne, Leahy, Parseghian, Devine, Holtz all came from smaller schools or the pros. Meyer, Stoops, Carrol were all unproven coaches from smaller schools when they were hired for their current jobs. Saban was big time, but he went to the pros and didn’t succeed and Alabama lured him back to college. I wouldn’t judge ND by the whether or not NC winning coaches will come to South Bend. Kelly fits the ND model perfectly and he will return ND to the top.