HLS Tweets for the Week of 2009-11-01

  • RT @varsityblue: Illinois isn't a bad team. They have talent, but have been unlucky at times this year. << You just want them to stay down. #
  • RT @ISDUpdate: Clausen is one of 15 finalists for the Davey O'Brien Award << As the top finalist, right? #
  • Not a ringing endorsement or anything but we should note that Weis has ended 3 bad streaks in 2009: #
  • Bowl losing streak? Ended. Losses to MSU at home? Over. BC loss streak? Done. #
  • The Redskins are living up to a universal law of entertaining: If you're going to fail, do so in hilarious fashion. #
  • RT @squiggledot: @herloyalsons Technically, the bowl was in 2008 << Depends on the calendar you use. #
  • Redskins now doing the cat-with-half-dead-mouse thing with their fans. #
  • Everyone ask Biscuit what he was for Halloween on the one Halloween Home Game of our tenure at ND. #
  • RT @ChrisMottram: RT @sbnation: Man Charged In Jasper Howard's Murder http://bit.ly/1NxAMV < Good. #
  • RT @InTheBleachers: The Blindside; a Sandra Bullock story. << So glad Holtz is rep'ing So.Carolina in that movie and not #NDFB #
  • @NunesMagician #WorstHalloweenCandy had to be the pencils. The erasers were okay. Chewy. But that carbon core? Mnyuck. in reply to NunesMagician #
  • RT @cgb_blog: #WorstHalloweenCandy pennies < They'd be awesome this year. Worth more than their currency value. Or so I heard. #
  • #WorstHalloweenCandy The ones from the guy who lived at his mom's but you never saw the mom because she was an invalid. Usually pre-opened. #
  • #WorstHalloweenCandy Homemade Popcorn Balls which, this year, shall be called "Homemade H1N1 Transmission Grenades" #
  • RT @subwaydomer26: Out of commission. Groin tear. << Our chances against WSU just took a nose dive. #
  • @JonnHandshoe I believe it was @subwaydomer26 that got hurt. in reply to JonnHandshoe #
  • RT @JonnHandshoe: @herloyalsons oh i thought it was a key player for the game this weekend<@subwaydomer26 , this dude doesn't think u r key. #
  • RT @ChiTribHamilton: Time for fun w/#NotreDame fan angst: Alamodome lower & mid tier filled. Upper deck? No. < angst? That's fan victory. #
  • Oy. Halloween sure is different as a dad than it was as a college guy. And judging by internet memes, it's different as a college guy too. #
  • Hey, to those who've added us to various lists, thanks. Except you, "Sites that should Die in a Fire" list dude. #
  • RT @OneFootDown: I'm all set up in the garage handing out candy with the TV fired up. Go Irish! #NDFB << Please be in an old lawn chair. #

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