Friday Roundup: The “What Happened?” Edition

Note: Yeah. Had to change the title and the content after THIS happened.

The Roundup:

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  • Mark

    I think Lindsay Lohan was in the Disney’s “The Golden Cat.”

    I didn’t click on the link, but I assume Mitch Mustain was supposed to be spotting Stafon Johnson? … Too soon?

  • trey

    It was a GREAT day for me after hearing Chicago got blown out in that vote. I couldn’t stifle a good hearty laugh at that one.

  • san diego irish

    Yeah, Trey, it would suck if the U.S.A. got to host the Olympics again. Who would want that?


    Speaking as a very-recently-former-Chicagoan, had I still been in Chicago, I wouldn’t have wanted the games there. Chicago is currently at the probable-end of an inflated renaissance. It’s a great city, but it’s rotting under the shell. The police force is stretched so thin you can read a paper through it. The roads? Don’t even get me started. And the massive amounts of empty, brand-new homes in the area due to over-development in the last 10 years? Ugh. That town was essentially saved from itself.

  • san diego irish

    I have a feeling those aren’t the reasons behind Trey’s comment.