You’re Probably “Just Another Guy”

This article actually gets it right. Most do not.

A whole bunch of teams think of themselves as having a rivalry with Notre Dame. Sorry to burst your bubbles, fans-of-opposing-teams, but you’re very unlikely to be our rival. Why? Because we only have one, and it’s USC. I know it makes you feel important to think you’re our rival. “We have an ongoing rivalry with Notre Dame”. “ND is our rival”. Makes you feel elevated, like you matter just a bit more. (And spare me the “ND doesn’t matter anymore” response). If that was the case, so many teams we play wouldn’t be calling us a rival, even when it’s clearly not the case.

Let’s just do the quick run-down of this year’s sked, and of those that call us a rival, and what they really are.

Nevada – never claimed it, good for them.

Michigan (sucks) – claim to be a rival, are not. The Skunkbears are the enemy, but not our rival.

Michigan State – claim to be a rival. They’re not, but they’ve been a pain in the butt, for sure. No way they’re an ND rival.

Purdue (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) – claim to be a rival. Not even close. Not even close to within eyesight of a range in the proximity of close to being a rival.

Washington – don’t claim it, thank the Lord.

USC – claim it, and they’re correct. USC is our rival. The one, and the only. We still hate them, and we know they cheat, but we respect the history and tradition of this cross-country rivalry.

BC – claim it, but of course they’re not a rival. And having the best of a series does not make you a rival. It makes you annoying.

Washington State – no claim, awesome. Good stuff WSU.

Navy – Navy probably thinks of us as a special opponent, and we think of them in the same way, but most do not claim a rivalry here, which is good. Solid, respectable and historic matchup. Not our rival.

Pitt – many fans claim they’re a rival (heard this a lot growing up in Pittsburgh). Not even close.

UCONN – not claiming it (yet). Hooray.

Stanford – many Cardinal fans think of ND as a rival. Not sure where they get this. Not even remotely close to a rival.

This doesn’t, and isn’t meant to, belittle our opponents that are not rivals. It’s just that, by definition, any given team can only really have 1-2 rivals. We have USC. USC has us and UCLA. Pitt has WVU. Purdue has Being Awake. Michigan has Graduation Rates.

So how does this happen? How can we be everyone’s rival?

We’re ND. That’s how.

Teams look at Notre Dame on the schedule, and they circle the game. They get fired up. Their fans get fired up. This is why ND gets the best from its opponents week in and week out – for THEM, it’s a rivalry game. For US, it’s another week. Which makes the challenge even that much greater.

No matter how boring Purdue might be, for them this is a rivalry game, and they’ll give us their best shot (as boring as that shot may be), and a much better shot than they gave NIU. ND needs to be ready, each and every week. After all, almost every week is Rivalry Week when you’re Notre Dame, right?

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  • jack

    Boilermakers will not upset ND, if the oddsmakers are right. However they were wrong when Washington annihlated our chief rival, the Trojans…apparently cheating was not enough !
    (Or, is it playing dirty ?) That loss is not what they need.. the men of troy…

  • Burbank Steve

    Awesome, Biscuit. However, in the spirit of fairness, Michigan (sucks) have Graduation Rates AND tOSU, although I’m not sure the i-dotters regard the Skunkbears in the same light any more.

  • Florida Trojan Grad

    Just because NBC tries to tell everyone your our rival, doesn’t make it true. You are not. UCLA is. We (along with everyone else on this list) just hate ND because of its condescending, over the top arrogant fans. We are all wondering what exactly you still have to be so arrogant about. You should probably stick with Purdue as they are in your state and you actually beat them half the time these days. I guess the fact that you don’t have a conference won’t allow you to understand what a true rivalry is.

  • Joe

    So how is USC your rival if they kick your ass every year? Trojan fans don’t consider Notre Dame a rival! haha losers

  • http://BoiledSports BK

    Purdue and Notre Dame have met 80 times. They’re both in Indiana. They’ve met every year since 1949. (You know, back when Notre Dame was relevant in the way they believe they still are.) And they even play for a rivalry trophy. I know, I know, wait! Don’t tell me! It means more to us than to you! Right? How’d I know you imbeciles would say that?


  • N

    Haha, USC fans don’t even think of Notre Dame as a rival. In the football hierarchy, Notre Dame is not a top dog. Sorry, but USC owns Notre Dame — that’s no rivalry.

    Purdue makes the most sense as Notre Dame’s football rival. And in the last 12 years, it’s been about even between the two schools. Notre Dame alumni and all of their low IQ subway alums are completely delusional. It’s cute really…

  • Cum on Knute Rockne

    How many of you brain trusts actually went to ND for four years and how many had to go to ND Community College across the street at Holy Cross first?

    Check out this link of the top 400 universities in the world, see ND there at 168 behind Rutgers, Case Western and Florida, nice huh, Rutgers. If you are looking for Purdue, we are a few pages ahead in the top 100.

  • The Biscuit

    A few notes to you lurkers:

    1) USC fans, at least the intelligent ones, DO consider ND their rival. Just like when we beat their asses for 12 years straight in the 80’s and 90’s, we still considered them OUR rival. A rival can be down, they’re still a rival. 2) Purdue wishes they could be our rival, but they’re not. Just like every other school we plays thinks it’s a rivalry. A stupid trophy nobody on one side (ours) cares about does not a rivalry make. 3) Every contributor on this site graduated from ND, and your ‘rankings’ are complete shite. In no other ranking in the world, other than ‘most boring school ever’ would Purdue outrank ND. 4) This last guy, wow. First you say we’re ‘brain trusts’ and then claim we went to Holy Cross…are you saying that Holy Cross grads are really smart? You’re idiocy has confounded me. Congrats. Tool.

  • Florida Trojan Grad

    With all due respect Biscuit, I would guess that I know a few more USC fans than you. Unless, of course, you count the ones that became fans in the last few years (the ones that have never even seen the campus). Believe me, ND is not our rival regardless of whether they are up or down. But, I’m sure you think you know what USC fans think more than USC fans. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be the stereotypical ND fan. Go Boilers!

  • tricerapops

    man, reading the comments on this post has reignited my disgust for ignorant USC fans, which by the way Florida Trojan Grad, is in the minority here in LA. That’s right douchebag, I grew up in SoCal, so I know plenty of USC fans – young and old who value the rivalry with ND. The UCLA game is nothing more than just vitriol on the field for four quarters. it’s akin to our hatred of UM, and for their anti-catholic bigotry of the past. not that i need to explain that to you, because i would only come off as condescending or arrogant. fuck you and the USC alumni club of ft myers florida.

    and mr. ‘cum on knute rockne’ – seriously? that’s the creative handle you came up with? please do us a favor and cut yourself all over with razor blades and hop in a tub of hydrochloric acid.

  • Knoxville

    No sense in getting upset over USC fans, tricerapops. They do not care and don’t listen – never will. USC is centered in a place that can only be described as dilapidated (the Gaza Strip is less violent). USC’s recruiting practices are less than ethical, to say it lightly. They operate without fear of the NCAA, as there are no repercussions for their actions. I have to agree with FL Trojan Grad on one point, UCLA is considered the arch rival. This is only true to a younger demographic. Head over to TAIX during a game and ask any current USC student, they will say UCLA.It is a waste of your time and energy to retort an insult to a USC fan. Hopefully the next line of blow the guy does makes his heart stop. It will be one less little prick you will have to encounter in life.

  • BJDomer

    F it. I dont care if this is coherent or not; I am responding to this shite.
    “How many of you brain trusts actually went to ND for four years and how many had to go to ND Community College across the street at Holy Cross first?”
    What the hell does this have to do with anything? I went to Florida for two years before I got to ND. So what? According to you, I was actually at a school that was better than ND. As someone who has experienced both schools, I can tell you that ND is light years ahead of UF in terms of academics. So what’s your point again? Notre Dame is the greatest place in America…nay, on earth. So F off.

  • The Biscuit

    FloridaTrojan grad, I assume you live in Florida, yes? I live in Socal, within a 15 minute drive of the Coliseum. I went to school with a bunch of USC grads, and hang out with a ton of them. And even if I don’t want to see them, they’re everywhere here. So even if you went to USC, I’m guessing I know just as many USC fans as you. You may not consider ND your rival, but plenty of Trojan fans do. In fact, it’s the ones that know the history of the program, the history of the RIVALRY, that get it, and the newer, bandwagon fans are the ones that tend to discount ND because of the recent dominance by USC. I’d agree if you looked at the recent past, it wouldn’t seem like ND would be your rival. But you claim to ‘know more’ than these recent bandwagon fans. If you do, then why do you share their point of view? Could you be such a fan? I’m guessing yes.
    Ask the coaches and players which games they circle pre-season at USC. 1 is UCLA, 1 is ND, every year. Their big non-conf game would be the third. How can you not know this and claim to be a fan of the Trojans?

  • The Biscuit

    PS TrojanGrad – you graduated in 2004 yes? +/- 1 maybe? no chance you graduated before 2001. your knowledge is limited, as is your ability to see, and process, a bigger picture. great USC edumacation there. congratulations.

  • Florida Trojan Grad

    Biscuit, I graduated from USC in 1994 and returned to Socal after receiving my masters from U of F (hence the handle Florida Trojan Grad). Whether you would like to accept it or not, it doesn’t matter whether ND is up or down (which I stated before). The vast majority of SC fans are much more concerned with winning the conference than beating ND. That has been the case since I arrived on campus. Since there is so much riding on the UCLA game every year (conference title) and their close proximity, that game is far more important than the ND game. My opinion of this wouldn’t change even if we lost to ND 10 times in a row.
    Also, do you think that it might be possible that your USC friends are persuaded to think that the ND “rivalry” is so important because one of their friends is a ND grad? It certainly would come up in conversation a lot more. Meanwhile, the rest of us who are constantly dealing with UCLA fans might see it a different way. Might that be the reason your SC fan friends agree with you?
    Lastly, I find it ironic that you write a post arrogantly putting down fans of other teams for daring to call your ND their rival, while the majority of fans of the team you will allow to call you their rival considers you “just another guy”. But, I sure this will be met with name-calling and false accusations as before. Ah, ND fans; as arrogant and self-important as ever. But an annoying fanbase does not a rivalry make. Join a conference and you will understand. Of course, you will go 5-7 every year.

  • The Biscuit

    Ah, your myopic and limited view continues. First, who said that the ND rivalry is more important than winning the conference? Or even that the ND rivalry precludes the UCLA one? I said that USC has 2 – ND and UCLA. I didn’t say that the ND rivalry is more important than winning the conference, or more important than the UCLA rivalry. I said, simply, that it’s a rivalry. You just created a straw man to further your argument. How left field is that? Classic USC/UF logic.

    And on the other side, I went to UCLA too, as did the friends that graduated from USC (grad school). So if anything, UCLA comes up more than ND. And they STILL consider ND a rival. As do the USC fans I work with, my priest, and the random fans I run into in bars around town. Weird, huh? I’m sure they’re all influenced bc I went to ND, even though half don’t even know it. Really, really strange. Could it be that YOU do not represent the entire USC fan base? Maybe?

    And please, please tell me that UF and/or USC taught you how to read. The original post says, specifically, that it’s not ‘putting down’ other teams. It’s just clarifying that ND has 1 rival – USC. It doesn’t mean we dont want to beat other teams – course we do. But they can’t ALL be our rival, can they? Bc that’s what they all claim. You don’t have this problem – 2 teams claim to be USC’s rival: UCLA (which you confirm) and ND (which you, personally, deny). ND has 6 teams claiming it.

    And join a conference? Why? So everyone can mock how weak we are ala the Pac-10? So we can share the bajillions of dollars we get? You’re starting to just take shots my man. For one claiming to be so high and mighty, it seems beneath you.

  • Knoxville

    Biscuit please assemble these comments and create another post dedicated to this banter between yourself and FL Trojan Grad. I hate to see good sparring go to waste buried as comments.

  • Florida Trojan Grad

    Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, as it seems to be based off of experience not just conjecture. It seems that my experience, and therefore opinion, varied and continues to vary greatly from yours. I was a little put off by your degrading of the other teams on your schedule. Just saying that the post is not meant to belittle them doesn’t mean they will not be offended.
    “Purdue (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) – claim to be a rival. Not even close. Not even close to within eyesight of a range in the proximity of close to being a rival.”
    You really don’t think a Purdue fan would be offended by that? Of course they would, and you wanted them to be.
    P.S. I have claimed nothing other than being a USC fan. So, I don’t understand the “high and mighty” comment. I just don’t need to resort to calling people douchebags or saying they do coke (other ND fan comments) to express my opinion.
    Oh and one more thing, do you really think that USC only has 2 teams claiming rivalry with them? You might want to check with your USC friends on that one. That is all.

  • The Biscuit

    1 – We have running jokes about Purdue being boring on this blog. I know you dont have that background, so it’s not your fault. But yes, it’s making fun of them, but no, the point of the post was not to belittle but to clarify. Hence, me writing ‘this is not meant to belittle, but to clarify’. You can try to give the post meaning that was not intended, but that does not mean it’s there.

    2 – I didnt call you a d-bag or say that anyone does Coke. If you’re gonna blame me for every ND fan comment ever, then I blame you for allowing Reggie Bush to receive $200K during his USC career.

    3 – Yes.

    4 – I still win. You put it off as ‘my experience’ being different from ‘your experience’. Well, of course. But if all arguments boiled down to that, no one could ever be right and no one could ever be wrong because we all lead individual lives and no one leads the same life. You completely ignored the national media and the Pete Carroll points. As soon as I take it out of our relative experiences, you bail on the argument. So, I still win. HerLoyalSons go marching onward to victory…DADAHDAHDAHDAHDAHDAHDAHDAHDAH!!! CHEER CHEER FOR OLD NOTRE DAME…

  • Florida Trojan Grad

    You win? As this is your site and the vast majority of readers are ND fans, you might get that false impression. I’m a reasonable person that understands that there is no value in continuing to argue with someone who has their mind made up no matter what. Besides, you pretty much have modified your argument to agree with me anyway. I said ND was not our rival, UCLA is. You modified your argument to say that UCLA is USC’s number one rival, but ND is their number 2. (Side note; its interesting that USC is allowed, according to you, to have 2 rivals, but ND can only have one.) I also stated that beating people in our conference in an effort to win the PAC-10 was more important than beating ND, to which you agreed. So, how exactly did you win? I think that an independent group would conclude that you didn’t. But, whatever dude. If you feel better sleeping tonight thinking you won, congrats. I have a feeling that you think you have never lost an argument in your life. BTW, do your make fun of your USC friends degrees to their faces? I’m sure they would appreciate this lovely quote… “great USC edumacation there. congratulations.”

  • The Biscuit

    Oh my oh my oh my. Really? You’re still trying. Okay, I’ll respond before I go out for the night, but really, why keep trying? You are so far behind it feels like you’re losing to Wash…wait, nevermind.
    1) I do win. Not because I have my mind made up and bc this is my home site, but because I actually use logic and facts to make a point. You do not. To clarify: I never modified my argument. I said that USC is ND’s rival. In both of my original posts I made it VERY CLEAR (if you could read) that a team can have 1-2 rivals. I didn’t say that ND could only have 1 rival. I said that we only HAVE 1 rival (not that 2 is an impossibility). I specifically called out USC as a team with 2 rivals – ND and UCLA. I also never claimed that ND was the ‘top’ rival (and I don’t think it matters really, bc I said we’re a rival. period) 2) You brought in the conference stuff as a straw man argument. Classic ignoramus argument. I say USC is ND’s rival. You say ‘no’. I say yes. You say “NO! It’s more important for us to win our conference, which means ND isn’t our rival!” The two postulations are completely unrelated, and not at all mutually exclusive. USC wanting the win the conference does not preclude ND from being a rival. And ND being a rival does not preclude USC from making winning the conference a top priority. 3) You’re right, in that I’ve never lost an argument. At least, not to someone so intellectually inferior. Just a hint: typically, the smarter person wins the argument. I am smarter than you. Deal with it. 4) I don’t make fun of my friends’ degrees, because they use them. They use logic and facts in their arguments. You do not. So you deserve the mocking. Example: I brought in neutral opinions – rankings of top CFB Football rivalries (and ND-USC is in the Top 7 of all of them, and is often ahead of USC-UCLA). You ignore it. And on PETE CARROLL’s web site, ND is listed as the first traditional rivalry on the page. UCLA is listed 2nd. You just ignore facts, and make unsubstantiated opinion-based statements. It’s quite comical really. I even admit that these google searches arent definitive, and you STILL can’t come up with something to debunk the argument, so you just ignore it. THAT deserves mocking. And THAT is a concession of victory. To me. I win!
    Sorry man, there’s no judge or jury. The other guys on this site aren’t going to make a call on who won or lost, but you know it. You KNOW it. Otherwise, you might’ve brought up some facts or SOMETHING to prove your point. You bring nothing, hence you lose. And therefore, I win.

  • Florida Trojan Grad

    Facts?! What is fact about rivalries? Rivalries are not tangible and therefore cannot be discussed as such. Rivalries are a feeling, an emotional opinion if you will. When talking about peoples emotions, how can there be right and wrong? The answer is you can only be wrong if you assume to know what another person or group is feeling, which is what you’ve done here. You can talk all day about who ND considers a rival, because you are part of that group and experience the emotion with them. You cannot, however, speak for the USC fans as you are not one of them. I think you are wrong about what you think they feel. As for the “neutral opinions”, they are just mouthpieces of ESPN and NBC and have no idea what the fan really thinks. What does the media know about the personal feelings of a Trojan fan. If we are just going by what the “neutral” media says, you are rivals with Purdue. They said it during the broadcast several times in the little time I was watching. As far as Pete Carroll’s web site, I could not find where that was said, but I would submit that Carroll probably has very little to do with that site and probably has no idea what order in which the rivals are listed. I know that when CC is asked his priorities for the year, he never mentions beating ND.
    Bottom line, you cannot speak for a group you do not belong to. Are there USC fans that consider ND our biggest rival, sure. But, I’ll bet there are some ND fans that consider BC or Michigan a rival, too. If you would like I could provide thousands of google links to “prove” that. That is logical, but it’s tough to “prove” a negative. Am I supposed to find a list of top ten non-rivalries?

    Here’s a link to a site that doesn’t include USC/ND in the top ten of college football rivalries. Does that make me right? Of course not.

    Here’s a link to wiki’s list of all college rivalries. Guess what, ND is on there more than once! That still does not make you or me right.

    I sorry but I don’t understand how you can speak of “facts” when discussing rivalries.

    I will add that only someone who is insecure about their relative intelligence shouts from the rooftops about how intelligent they are. I do appreciate your analysis of my intelligence (or lack there of), but once again you make assumptions and speak of which you do not know. That is true ignorance. Since you have decided to make this personal, I will leave. I have no desire to stoop to your level.

  • tricerapops

    i stand by my douchebag comment ——–> Florida Trojan Grad.

  • Cum on Knute Rockne

    Hey BJDomer and the rest of you little boy fondling catholic school boys. ND is a big joke all over the country, whether you believe it or not, the rest of us laugh at you. Keep up the arrogant comments and the blind sided optimism that hasn’t won you a national title in over twenty years, it sure as hell entertains the rest of us in the country.

    P.S. – Three other partners (two from USC and one from Stanford) and myself (a purdue grad) just laid off two ND attorney’s because we had to get rid of people and their entertainment value had become obnoxious so we decided to lay them off because they went to ND. Keep it up ND, see you at the unemployment line.

  • The Biscuit

    HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. A Purdue guy making JOB jokes? Get a grip on reality brother. Just because, as middle manager at a midwest 30-person joke of a law firm, you laid off 2 entry level associates that went to ND, you think that Purdue guys get the best of ND in employment? Do you have ANY connection to reality? At all? Please go out and do some research, then get back to us with actual facts that go beyond your own personal, extremely limited, set of experiences. Then let’s talk. Oh wait, actually using data, facts and logic isn’t taught at Purdue. BTW, if ND is a joke what is Purdue? Irrelevant at best.

  • Bad Kermit

    Laying off someone for discriminatory purposes, as you just alleged that you did, is illegal. But as an attorney, I’m sure you already knew that, right?

  • Cum on Knute Rockne

    Hey Bad Kermit, laying someone off because they went to ND is not covered under discriminatory law. Wait, let me check, oh yeah, I see it in the law, right behind race, religion, sex, age, there it is, ND alum. By the way, not a 30 person Midwest firm, try a 450 attorney Los Angeles firm. Purdue grads aren’t afraid to leave the Midwest out of fear that other parts of the country might not care as much that we went to Purdue, unlike ND grads.

    The Biscuit: Purdue football is not currently relevant but we don’t claim to be. ND claims to be and that is why you are everybody’s joke. Why do you think ND haters post on this site? Because it irritates you all so bad that you insist on responding and making assumptions about other schools both scholastically and athletically. If you stopped to read your own garbage before you posted or even went back to read what ND posters have posted you might start to realize that. For instance, the link to the rankings above, your comment to that was “and your ‘rankings’ are complete shite.” That speaks volumes about what everyone thinks of ND alums. You give no reason for the rankings to be “shite” you just stated your opinion and hoped that the rest of the ND followers would take it as truth. US News and World Reports is a highly regarded rankings publication and I would encourage you to provide two reasons as to why these rankings are “shite” as you so elegantly put it.


    “Come” on Knute Rockne,

    A few things…

    1) Your choice of a handle for your comments speaks volumes about you on the gradient scale of “quality individuals.”
    2) We’re just going to keep responding to your comments to see how many times you’ll embarrass your school by using such a “clever” moniker.
    3) I’ll bet you think “dead baby jokes” are hysterical.
    4) Whoa! 450 employees! Gasp! Wow!

    Keep up the great work representing your school. The guys from Purdue who I know, like, and respect will be thrilled with this when I show them.

  • The Biscuit

    And please show me a link to your version of these rankings. When I check out US News and World Report, ND checks in at #20, and Purdue is nowhere to be found in the Top 50 (you come in at 61). Had you provided a source, I wouldn’t call the source shite, I’d have called your reading comprehension and math skills shite.

    Page 1 has ND at 20:

    Page 3 has Purdue at 61:

  • Zzzz1,

    Feel free to show this site to any Purdue grad you want, ND grads are just as embarassed. I live in Chicago and have a bunch of ND alums as close friends. They cringe at the talk of because they are embarrased about what is displayed on here from so-called ND alums.

    They understand their place in the world. ND is a good school with a good academic reputation. They understand that ND is no better than Purdue, Northwestern or U of Chicago. Further, they also understand that ND’s football team is not good, they have been whooped by top tier talent lately, USC, Ohio State, LSU and that their relevancy can be directly attributed to their historical record, and has nothing to do with their recent state of affairs.

    No one is claiming Purdue is a better football team, they are trying to get you to realize how blinded you all are about yours. Purdue football sucks, we get it and realize it. But so does ND football right now. Sure, Purdue lost to Northern Illinois, ND lost to Syracuse and Navy and was taken to the wire by SDSU.

    Last item,, Cum on Knute Rockne said is firm had 450 attorneys, not 450 employees, huge difference.


    Consider, just for a moment, that everyone around you isn’t taking you as seriously as you take yourself. Your blood pressure might drop significantly. Granted, it’ll ruin our fun, but you’ll be better off for it.

    Holy Jobu, people, it’s college football. If we can’t mercilessly rip apart one another in this context, when can we?

  • Zzzz1,

    “Consider, just for a moment, that everyone around you isn’t taking you as seriously as you take yourself.”

    Follow your own advice and you will realize how the rest of the nation views ND football.



    Ever feel like you’re always the one getting a joke explained to you?
    Do yourself a favor. Re-read our site knowing fully that we’re grinning and laughing the entire time. It might calm you down. Do lunatics ever calm down?

  • The Biscuit

    It never ceases to amaze me how seriously some people take themselves. ZZZZ1, did we, at any point in this ‘discussion’ with a dude with a handle using the word “Cum” ever say that ND football is great? Did we ever say that we’re a top tier team? Did we say we’re ‘better’ than Northwestern or U of Chicago? No, we did not. I get that you’re trying to attribute all of those things to us, but we never said them. What HLS said was this: USC is our rival, and Purdue football is boring. Then you and those you side with (Dudes that nickname themselves “Cum”) tried to refute that by making jokes about catholic priests, and claimed academic superiority, etc. At no point did WE initiate those discussions, we’ve just responded in kind. And we can’t be held responsible for what other commenters post. We deliver a certain point of view to the internets, and take it from there. At times, unreasonable people take stabs at us and ND, and we respond. At times, we mock those that we feel deserve it. It’s also all in fun. If your ND friends dont get it, that’s fine. Thousands of others do. We’re not for everyone, we’re clearly not for you and your friends. That’s okay.

  • Trey

    Question, if nd is so ‘irrelevant’ why do you bother to be here and make asinine comments? Schools who are irrelevant in college football rarely have blogs a fifth the popilarity as this one and no one bothers to write the vitriol that some have posted here. It makes no sense. The surest sign that your team is irrelevant: you are on an opposing team’s site telling the they are irrelevant

  • Bad Kermit

    Cum on Knute Rockne, I understand that, but it would be awfully simple to make a “religious discrimination” argument out of the firing. I knew I shouldn’t have spoken up. I don’t want to get in the middle of this, because I think everyone is acting quite stupid. ND is a good school. Purdue is a good school. USC is a good school. UCLA is a good school. Alumnus of all of them should be proud of their education, and support their respective football teams. It’s completely moronic to slam another school to, what, feed one’s own ego? If we’re all self-confident in our own intelligence, who cares about rankings and about which school is “better”? This all just feels like immature playground bullshit.


    BK, can we still, at least, all agree that Michigan is not a good school?

  • Bad Kermit

    Yes. At least now that they nerfed the Naked Mile.

  • The Biscuit

    BK, i agree 100% on your post 2 up. but after this exchange, i can’t say that Purdue is a ‘good school’ anymore. they produced Cum on Knute Rockne afterall.