ESPN Just Makes Things Up

Someone at Notre Dame should probably actually sue ESPN at this point.

From ESPN’s Team Preview of Notre Dame (done in conjunction with Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook):

Not only, however, was there a thought, there was an entire thought process, which Weis described in detail on Feb. 8, nine days after hiring Jon Tenuta as an assistant head coach in charge of the defense, a move that demoted former assistant head coach Bill Smith to the athletics community relations staff.

To summarize, Weis said he knew something had to be done to his defense, and once he decided it had to come at the expense of Smith, he wanted to hire another veteran coach to replace Smith and work with defensive coordinator Corwin Brown. Once he settled on Tenuta, it was a matter of making sure Brown was comfortable with his decision.

“The No. 1 thing I wanted to do was make sure that we had an idea guy,” Weis said of his conversations with Brown. “I told Corwin, ‘As long as you’re the defensive coordinator, you’re always running the defense, you’re always calling the defense.’ ”

Although it didn’t go down in the smoothest way possible for Weis, which has been a theme of his tenure with the Fighting Irish, he appears to have landed a good coach in Tenuta, whose last job was as Georgia Tech’s defensive coordinator.

What. The. Hell?

Demotion of Bill Smith? Who the hell is Bill Smith? Tenuta was hired as assistant head coach, defense, after former assistant Bill Lews had double-hip-replacement surgery. Maybe that’s how ESPN avoids a libel suit from Bill Lewis; they call him Bill Smith.

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  • Brian

    Not to mention the other countless grammatical errors. Luke Schmidt was a former “Indiana Gatorade player of the pear.” Clausen has “built a report” with the receivers. Charlie Weis hopes Sam Young “will be able to stay their to help with the run game.” Weis also relished “play call-ing.” ESPN puts out such garbage yet they still call themselves the worldwide leader in sports. More like the worldwide leader in terrible journalism.

  • trey

    Its like they just have a dartboard with words and names, and throw to see how the sentences get completed.

  • Face Mask

    Speculation, innuendo, out & out lies and Bullshit. The next time you link to one of their articales remind me to put on my ESPN protective hip boots.

  • BigE

    Looks like espn did a quick edit job and corrected the article. Whoever wrote the original article should be fired.

  • daniel

    “The schedule is unusually tame, with only a home game against Michigan and road encounter at USC to end the season standing out as nearly impossible wins.”

    In what universe is Michigan this year a “nearly impossible win”? Oh that’s right ESPN is in bed with the Big-10.

  • The Biscuit

    I have to think that whoever wrote it just threw it together. There was so much wrong, including the ‘impossible win’ tag that NO ONE that knows anything about CFB would put on UM this year, that it had to be either a joint ‘effort’ where people threw in their own sections, or written by an intern hack and then barely reviewed before publishing. To call it low quality is to be very nice. Embarrassing for the sports journalism world. And they call bloggers hacks. Ha.

  • Vin Franco

    I’ll be quick and to the point…pathetic journalism!

  • DomerOC

    Apparently Ragone only played special teams last year and wasn’t our third Tight End or anything.

    No mention of McNeil

    And is Olson a new guard I haven’t heard about, or is this idiot referring to the nastiness that is
    Eric OlsEn?

    As Bobby Knight so eloquently put it concerning sports writers (read ESPN): “Most of us learned how to read and write in the first grade and moved on to better things”

  • Jay

    Not very good research at all. Makes you wonder how many of their stories are incorrect sometimes, though I’m sure this is a fairly isolated incident.