• http://www.doublestandard.com The Biscuit

    This is like a christmas present. I have heard rumors of 1-2 other UM players thinking about bailing too…here’s to hoping it’s true.

  • JFW

    you got called out on mgoblog

  • Hemlock Philosopher

    How many players bailed at neutered and dumb last season? Four, during mid-season. When Michigan goes 3-9 and loses to you 38-0 (third rout in four seasons), then come talk smack. Enjoy that Allagash, bitch.

  • Pat

    Looks like the sarcasm sailed over Mgoblog’s head.

  • Helle

    You really got called out on MGOBLOG, really!

  • http://www.hls.com The Biscuit

    Brian is a self-serving/misguided moron. He completely missed the sarcasm inherent in the Allagash comment (which means he’s dumb, and therefore a moron) and he pretends that Boren is the only guys that left the program since DickRod took over (which makes him self-serving/misguided). He knows that the entire team left bc RichRod came on. That’s why UM doesn’t have a quarterback, and everyone that potentially could even think about leaving early…guess what? left early! He can use his typical tunnel vision to pretend like only ONE guy left RR’s crew. But it’s much more significant than that, and he knows it. And Hemlock…people transferring from ND, or ND losing to Michigan does not change the fact that RR must be a jerkoff and that his players are bailing left and right. Which is our point. Your logic is typical of a UM fan. Meaning there is none.

  • http://hirejimessian.com Bad Kermit

    That is the first time I’ve ever been to that MGO place (what the hell does that name even mean?). “Peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat”? Is he riffing on Family Guy riffing on an old lame song riffing on an old lame emoticon? That’s four degrees of incredibly lame, right there. Anyhow, that site is eye-rrhea, and the writing is boring and bad. Why even bother going there?

  • Evan

    A. 3-9

    B. 38-0

    C. Your coach is fat and wears his pants at his nipples. Our coach is a badass who doesn’t take shit from overweight linemen, hence the departure of Boren.

  • Russ

    D. Michigan is about to beat ND’s ass again this year with a quarterback who has never started a college game, and brand new offensive and defensive styles of play. enjoy the season bitches.

  • domer.mq

    How great is it that Cook links to us, Skunkbear fans follow that link, and we end up getting our biggest spike in inbred traffic ever?

  • http://adisorderedmind.blogspot.com/ Kent Allard

    It’s nice that the fans of the Yellow and Blue get to take a break from whining about how mean OSU fans are to them.

  • http://www.doublestandard.com The Biscuit

    A. 300

    B. Irrelevant

    C. Your coach is an in-bred jerkoff that bailed on his alma mater, refuses to pay out the contract he signed, and is the reason you have a backup of a backup of a backup as your starting QB.

    Oh, sorry, the definitions of A and B: A is your SAT score. B is the definition of what putting up recent records is to this discussion: irrelevant. ND being 3-9 changes nothing about Dick being a Rod.