Friday Roundup: The “Cabin Fever” Edition

Funny. It really seems like a year ago I did a “Cabin Fever” edition. I must be cracking up because we just had our 35th snowfall of the freaking season.

Nobody likes you, Maui.

The Roundup:

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  • The Biscuit

    hey, that picture looks like the view outside my window right now. sucker.


    You live in the Four Seasons, Maui? I hate you even more now. This is why I should never have gotten into IT. I was never going to found Google. I should have gotten into real estate. That’s where the money is!

  • The Biscuit

    not exactly. but palm trees, beach/ocean and sun? check, check and…check. just no fountain.

  • Sir John

    Ahh heck if i got a fire place i can live with it, Your old pansies and beach bumbs

  • Jim

    I believe that is a picture of the Grand Wailea. Is that correct? It will be 85 here in beautiful Palm Springs today.