Friday Round-up: The “MQ is in Delaware” Edition

Hey, look MQ, we’re in Delaware.  What’s in Delaware?


The Round-up:

  • This week scary, scary man  Jon Tenuta talked to the press for the first time.  Giving some insight into the man, his schemes, and what working at ND means to him.  In very few words.
  • Travis Thomas isn’t going to the combine, but he’s working hard just the same.
  • Louisville Senior Rod Council robbed a convenience store at gun point for a few bucks in the middle of a school day.  CFB players are getting worse. And the dumb ones are dumb.  Seriously.
  • ESPN puts Michigan at 5th in the not-so-great Big 10.  Ha! Illinois Bring the Noise is 4.
  • Finally, 105M at NDN brings this to our attention.  Good Lord Urban is an ass, whether selling Omar Hunter on his DC Mattison ‘staying for sure, no matter what’ or hocking OJ on YouTube.  The tool-ish-ness speaks for itself.  Enjoy.
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