#CostumeGameDay Regular Season Wrap-Up

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We all tried our best to chop the trees and cheer on our Fighting Irish to victory. The game was very exciting from start to finish and while the ending was not what we wanted, the team fought very hard until the very end. We are ND! I would like to congratulate @DardsDoinIt for winning the last regular season #CostumeGameDay contest of 2015. Tune back in this Saturday for a fun #CostumeGameDay article. **Once the Bowl Game is selected, there will be a Bowl Game Special #CostumeGameDay** … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football vs. Stanford Highlights 2015: ND 36 – STAN 38

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Welcome back loyal sons and daughters to HLS Videos with ya happy, hopeful, and proud as hell boi SupermanTDJesus. I know, I know: "BUT BRUH, THEM PLAYOFF HOPES!" I'm not gonna lie, it sucks that the 2015 Notre Dame Football team will not be a part of the four-team playoff to decide the national title, but seriously who predicted that they would be THIS close MISSING 9+ STARTERS AND ONLY LOSING TWO GAMES BY A COMBINED 4 POINTS?! I am happy. I'm really happy to have been along for the … [Read more...]

#CostumeGameDay: Chop the Trees!


Where has the season gone? I cannot believe that the last game of the regular season is finally here. Notre Dame ends the regular season playing against Stanford, a game series that started in 1988 (they faced each other 4 other times prior to the series). Today, I am going to chop the trees down. With the help of a Lumberjack, I know that the Fighting Irish can beat The Cardinals. I predict that Notre Dame will beat the Farm 28 – 27. BEAT THE FARM!! BEAT THE FARM!! BEAT THE FARM!! As a … [Read more...]

Game Predictions! ND vs. Stanford

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'Tis the season to express what you're thankful for. I'm thankful for the Kelly regime's recruiting prowess. This Irish team has a different kind of depth from previous teams. Imagine that! If you give a good coach enough time to create a pipeline of talent, you can survive injuries. ND might be on the outside of the playoffs looking in at the very moment, but no need to panic. Not yet at least. Thank you Boston College for your terrible offense that let the Irish escape with a win last … [Read more...]

Game Preview: ND v. Stanford – Going Out on a Limb

Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith (9) leaps over Boston College’s Myles Willis (23) as QB Jeff Smith (5) passes during the second half of the Notre Dame-Boston College NCAA football game on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, inside Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN

The past week has been a trying one for some in Irish land. The release of the most recent college football playoff rankings left many with a bad taste in their mouth as the Irish dropped from 4th to 6th in the new poll. The frustrations stemmed from a variety of sources. A lot of the anger was directed towards Iowa whose pillow fight of a schedule, including their fluffy, airy, defeat of soft-landing spot Purdue propelled the Hawkeyes past the Irish in the wake of the uneven performance against … [Read more...]