RECORDING: Friday Roundup Episode 03

Friday Roundup

Three episodes of the Friday Roundup are now live (in recorded form...) on our Podbean site and the Irish have lost three straight. I'm starting to think this is all my fault. I'm so sorry. #FireTex Anyways, the recording is below. Don't forget to subscribe via iTunes (search "Her Loyal Sons Podcasts" and leave us a review!) or follow us on Podbean. And please continue to give me feedback for the show. I'm definitely listening and trying to mix things up based on what I've gotten where I'm … [Read more...]

Louisville Review: Defense

Notre Dame  cornerback Cole Luke (36) breaks up a pass intended for Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker (9) in the second quarter. Credit: USA Today

Before I delve into the performance of the Fighting Irish defense versus Louisville, let me make one thing clear. I support this team win or lose. And I love this team with all of my being. But that being said, there is something that is just not right with this team. Part of it is coaching. Part of it is team performance. Part of it is chemistry. It is not one thing that needs to be fixed and it is not something that can be fixed overnight or in one week's time. All of that being said, lets … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 13): Seeing Red


Molly and I are back again using a day off to talk about another Notre Dame loss in the latest episode of HLS TV. Eventually, we will get back to happier times, but today is not that day, sadly. But hey, there were a few good things and we highlight those along with the bad as well. Here's to hoping the next episode is a happy celebration of the fall of Troy. Beat SC. Download this episode (right click and save) … [Read more...]